AV Club. Well, just V, really.

It doesn’t count unless you’re a lot crazy, right? 

By now I’m sure that you’ve all realized that I am a little type A. I like to clean things, I like to organize things, and I like to keep things tidy. I like to make lists and I like firm plans and I like timetables.

I remember the first time that the Hub saw me Windex the kitchen sink after washing the dishes (our old apartment didn’t have a dishwasher) he was all “Waa? Huh? Why?” And I was all “Doesn’t everyone clean their sink after washing dishes? I mean, come one. There might be some germ in there!” and he was all “Ho kay. Backing away now.”

Or, every time that we have plans, in our before-plans downtime I always ask what time we will be leaving for our plans, and how long it will take him to get ready for our plans, and should I start the car now in order to warm it up to get to our plans? And he gets this little smirk on his face and realizes that he has to take the crazy with the awesome that is me.

Well, another fun aspect of my (slight) OCD is that I also like to make visuals of my plans. Like this one, for our living room:


See? The previous owners of our house enclosed the porch and extended the upstairs bedroom. However, it didn’t really do many favors for the living room, as we have this weird L shape that is tough to purpose. You can’t watch TV from around the corner, unless I set up a complicated MacGyver machine with gum and mirrors and a tiny bit of wire that I just happen to have in my pocket. You can’t fit two chairs down there. It’s basically only good as a reading nook. So, voila! A nook for reading! Hub says that it is still not terribly useful, and he doesn’t think that I will ever use it. And that may be. But it will be pretty!

We are getting new leather sofas, and I decided to position them so that the room is divided into three areas…

1. The TV / gathering area, with the sofas and the TV and the table. This is where most of our living / chatting / TV watching will happen.

2. The reading nook. I’m fairly sure that this will be the area that Grady steals for his own, and the area that gets the most infrequent dusting.

3. The piano area. Hubby is a terrific piano player, and he and I sit and sing and play piano together several times per week. We sing the old standards, like “I Will Survive” and “Mandy” and “Wont You Be My Neighbor”. Of course, the annual Christmas / Kwanza / Chanukah / Celebration of Light / Solstice / Invocation-to-Ba’al happen here, too. Just kidding. We use the piano to put stuff on.

So, anyway. Do any of you have a touch of OCD? Are there compulsive list makers out there besides me?

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2 Responses to AV Club. Well, just V, really.

  1. Brenda M says:

    Yes, slightly…hubby’s family thinks I’m a little touched to say the least. They’re all like…’what, we have to actually make plans and stick to them a week in advance?’ Hello? It’s called not being rude…any way, yes, I’m right there with ya. 🙂

    PS. I use Comet w/bleach on my sink.

  2. M says:

    I am not OCD…however one of my brothers is….he washes/purelles/wetnaps his hands constantly….which I never really noticed before until we recently spent about 4 days together….about a day of that in a car.

    I used to know a girl who had a friend who compulsively pulled out her own hair. I met her…she had no eyebrows….and that was before the “Chola” look of drawing them with a sharpee marker……

    I am OCD free….but I gots tons of other issues!!!!

    I think you will use your nook to read….at least once so you can say, “HA! See!” to the Hub.

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