American idol… The drama continues!

Yeah, not so much…

So, the top 8 boys sang their 80’s songs on Tuesday night. All in all, they were fine, if a little pitchy (dog). Here’s the rundown:

1. Luke Menard sang “Wake me Up Before You Go Go”. It wasn’t good. I just don’t think you should mess with WHAM (I originally had their correct name, WHAM!, but it made the sentence much more emphatic that I meant it to be). There are times when you can make the song your own, and there are times when you stink the song up. This was the latter.

Up! Up with People!

2. Cutey Cutesalot (David Archuletta) sang Another Day In Paradise. He sang it very well, although not as well as the song from last week. Also – please tell me about the plight of the homeless, 17 year old upper middle class kid. That rang a little off with me. Another thing that was off? I realized that he was born in 1991, and was NEGATIVE 2 when this song came out. Shudder.

3. Danny Noriega sang “Tainted Love”. I thought he really did well. He made it his own while swishing all over the stage, and did it rather brilliantly. Although my favorite part of his performance happened after he was finished singing. Ryan said that he hadn’t even noticed the purple streaks in Danny’s hair, and Danny said, and I quote “MmmmmHmmmm”. All drawn out and not believing Ryan. Like: “Yes, Queeny, you did”. Awesome.


4. David Hernandez sang “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”. He hit quite a few bad notes, but he had a couple amazing ones too, so he’ll go through to next week. You know he’s the one with the male stripper past, right? So, when Simon said “I liked the way you stripped it down”, I think he was being a bastard. Which is ok by me! Oh, and in his pre-interview he talked about having a walnut sized booger in his nose during a photoshoot. Which I guess might get America to forget about your gay past, but probably in the wrong way.

“Isn’t that the gay stripper guy?”
“No, it’s the guy with the ginormous boogs.”
“Oh…and Ew.”

5. Michael Johns sang “Don’t You Forget About Me”. Um – Too late – I already have. Please go away, elderly guy.

6. David Cook sang “Hello”, originally by Lionel Richie. This is the first week that I really liked Mr. Cook. He really did “make the song his own”, and I could totally hear this on the radio today. I still hate his swoopy hair, though. I kinda hope he’s hiding a terrible balding problem. Like, he just has one piece of hair that he wraps around his head. Yeah. That’s sexy.

<sob> What did you say about my hair?!?

7. Jason Castro sang “Hallelujah”. I had never heard this song before. I kinda thought it sucked. But, the story he told in his pre-interview is what stuck with me. Apparently he was on a date with a girl, and he went to tie back his “dreds”, and when he did one of them “snapped off” in his hand. That’s wicked gross, dude. Don’t tell that story again. Get a haircut, ya hippy.

8. Chikezie sang “All The (Wo)Man That I Need” by Whitney. And guess what? He really did great. Yay, Chickezie Ezie! Simon didn’t like it, but I did. I guess we don’t agree on everything. Great. Now we have to go to couples therapy.

If I had to pick two to go home, I would pick Michael and Jason, simply because they irk me. If I had to pick two that I think America will send home? Danny and Luke.

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