Chris2fer doesn’t play well with others…

…he has issues with sharing.  

Why are toys that we played with as kids so awesome, and the toys now such crap? Kids these days! They wouldn’t know an imagination if it walked up and hit ’em in the face! Bah! Grumble grumble getoffmyyardyahooligan grumble.

When I was a kid I had some pretty great toys, and I know you’re simply dying to see a couple of my favorites:

1. Castle Greyskull. I used to hang this in the stairwell and activate the throne room trapdoor, and send He-Man plummeting miles to the ground. I was always Skeletor. I loved his outfit more, I think.


2. I had about 50 GI Joes. My favorites were Serpentor (He had a flying chariot!) and Stormshadow. He was a Cobra ninja. I think he just looked cool. My best friend Chris H. and I would stage epic battles all over the house and yard. I’m pretty sure that there are probably some GI Joes still posed in the lilac bush in my old backyard. Isn’t that a fitting metaphor for my life? GI Joes posed in the lilac bush. Ponder.


3. The Secaturs were creepy bug people who flew around on creepy giant bug things. I loved them. My favorite one (I don’t remember his name… General Insect-something-or-other and his flying mount blahbitty-bloo) had a creature that you put your hand into and wiggled your fingers around like they were it’s legs. Oh! And it had wings that went up and down. I loved it.


4. Armatron. My Grampy got this for me, I’m not sure where he picked it up. I was so excited! It was an electronic arm that you could use to… well… um… it actually didn’t do that much. The grip wasn’t strong enough to pick up anything very heavy. I usually used it while playing with the GI Joes. Argh! The giant claw has captured me! Help me Stormshadow! Argh!


5. Strawberry Shortcake. Shuddup – She smelled good. I never had my own, but I would happily (and guiltily) play along with my sister when she wanted to. Plus, I can still sing the song from the commercial – “Strawberry Shortcake, aint she looking swell? Cute little doll with the strawberry smell”. Whatever. It’s a talent.

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4 Responses to Chris2fer doesn’t play well with others…

  1. mainemom32 says:

    I had that Strawberry Shortcake doll and she DID smell good. Yum! Now my daughter, G, plays with those also Barbies(love them) and Holly Hobby(had the metal lunchbox, God forbid). I used to watch GI Joe with my brother, also He-Man and Transformers(he has those toys).

    A lot of the 70’s, 80’s stuff is making a comeback, only the dolls are a bit, sexed-up, shall we say 😛

  2. Pete says:

    It really is amazing to see a bunch of these things coming back for kids. Its even better to see them come to life in Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network’s ADult Swim…DVR it sometime and you’ll need a Depends to keep fresh!

    What worries me, though, is your love of all toys evil…does this reveal true feelings about Hubby? LOL

    (especially the flying ‘blahbitty-bloo’ in which you put your hand and…um, nevermind)

  3. Sister says:

    You didn’t mention that I played with these toys about as much as you did…well, I didn’t really care for the GI Joes, my Barbie’s were much better. But I did love Castle Greyskull – remember the Christmas pictures with me playing with the castle and you loving the purse I received? 🙂
    I totally forgot about that bat thingy…I loved that thing!

  4. nannerb says:

    just awesome.
    well, maybe not the strawberry shortcake part…..

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