The most awesomest birthday weekend ever

I so declare.

The Hub turned 40 on Monday, and in celebration of said momentous event we took a trip to Camden for an overnight celebration, with Sabrina and Zee Zee. We ate good food and drank good drinks and had good times. This was our journey.

It all started as a secret from Hubby. It should be known that I am terrible at keeping secrets, and the Hub is fantastic at finding them out. He should have been a spy, I swear. I had packed up all of his gifts and 4 bowls and forks and 4 champagne glasses in a box a few days prior to leaving for Camden. So, the day before we leave Hubby comes into the living room and says “Is there something missing from the kitchen cupboard?”, which is endlessly irritating. I could remove all of our stemware for three months and he’d only be like “there’s so much more room here than I remember!” but if I am trying to keep something from him, he zeroes in on it. “Yes, Nancy Drew, there is something missing. Drop it!” I said.

We met the gals on Saturday morning at 10:30 and headed up to Camden. As this was all supposed to be a secret from the Hub, Sneaky Sabrina took the turnpike north for a bit. I think that this was not so much her being sneaky as her not really knowing how to get to Camden, but whatevs. It worked to throw Hubby off the scent. We got the requisite coffee and laughed and chatted and sang our way to the North.

Camden, Maine

We arrived at the Norumbega Inn and checked in. Hub was suitably surprised and delighted, to our relief. Hub and I stayed in the Library Suite, which is a bedroom with a balcony above that houses a library. It also has a side sitting room and attached bath. Zee and Sab’s shared the Versailles suite, which is exposed brick and curved arches and black and white decor. Very nice indeed.

The Library Suite. Love the fabric pattern!
The upstairs library. The opening is over the bed. Imagine the acrobatics you could do…
The sitting room. Very quaint and yellow.

(On a side note, the Hub and I got married at the Norumbega. I’ll have to blog about that some day.)

We settled in and decided to brave the elements to walk through town and go shopping. Unfortunately it was drizzling. It was “drizzling” huge buckets of water. We went into a couple of shops, but most of the town was closed (this is definitely still the off-season) and in short order were back at the Inn.

We helped ourselves to a cocktail or two while the Hub opened his gifts. Now, Hubby is a terrific present wrapper, but I am (surprisingly, I know) dismal at it. However, I sweated and swore over his gifts until they looked as good as I could make them: i.e. covered in ribbons and gold sparklies.


I got him a Nintendo DS, the BrainAge game, a travel pack for the DS, and “Grass” by Gap. No, it’s not a joint – it’s cologne that smells like freshly cut grass. Pretty nice, actually. We all took the chance to play the game, and it told all of us that we were over a hundred and that our brains weren’t working. Shuddup, little game. I own you!

We had some complimentary appetizers and got spiffied up and went to the Camden Harbour Inn’s restaurant Natalie’s for dinner. Please see this for the specifics.

After dinner we were all set to play cards and chat the night away, but we are all too old too mature to do that, so off to bed we went. We are officially fogeys, I guess. Can’t be helped.

The grounds of the Norumbega Inn. I reduced the color of everything but the gazebo. I am very artistic.

The next morning we had our complimentary breakfast which consisted of a microwaved muffin, a fruit and yogurt bowl, and a piece of watery quiche. Mmmm. I guess that’s what you get for it being complimentary? It was also a weird time, as we “sprung ahead” at some point in the night and the clocks were all wonky and everyone was walking around with sleep in their eyes.

After breakfast we decided to get an early start home, and to stop at different places along the way as the moment hit. All of the places that I wanted to stop at, unfortunately, we did not. I guess I should have mentioned it before we were speeding past them. Ohlet’sstopthereohIguessnotohwellnevermind. We did stop at a pottery place, though. Since I’m not a pottery kind of guy, it was lost on me.

We ended up in the town of Bath and ate lunch at Beal Street BBQ. The food was great. The walk there was not – apparently all of the winter wind hangs out on street corners in Bath. Brrr. We huddled together and made short runs from enclosure to enclosure to make it back to the car.

And that was that! It only took me a couple days of napping to get over the trip. I have now officially turned into my father.

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2 Responses to The most awesomest birthday weekend ever

  1. mainemom32 says:

    Love me some Beale Street, mmmmmm(we buy the bbq sauce to use at home, can get it at Hannaford). We always go to that place when we’re in Bath. TJ grew up there, you know? By the way, the driving by places thing-y always happens to me too, grrrr.

  2. M says:

    Am very pleased to see the word “wonky” in your blog! I used it myself in an email to “The Pants” this a.m…..and he questioned the meaning….he really needs to update his vocabulary.

    You did a Fabulous job of wrapping the Hub’s gifts!!!! They looked all sparkly and full of love!!!

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