American Idol – the Top Twelve

Oh, David Archuletta. Why? Why, God, Why?!? 

The top twelve sang their Beatles/Lennon/McCartney hits on Tuesday night. It was nice to hear some great songs on AmId. And by that I mean greatly written songs. The singing was definitely a mixed bag.

1. Syesha sang “Got To Get You Into My Life”. I guess she did ok. It was bland and kinda boring, and it was an arrangement that Earth Wind and Fire did. Eh. She’ll be fine, ’cause she’s cute.

2. Chikezie sang “She’s A Woman”. He sang the hell out of it. Jebus, who knew that this guy had this in him? It was awesome. He started all down-on-the-bayou, but ended up dancing and kicking and rockin’ out on the stage. Dog. Seriously great.

3. Ramiele sang ” In My Life”. Snore. She sang it like a lullaby. And by the end I was in dreamland, far away from Ramiele. She tried to end on a high note, but it was awkward and strange. Boring.

4. Jason the Dredlock Lord sang “If I Fell”. I guess I don’t get why people like this kid. He can’t sing well, he is off-putting in his interviews, and I SWEAR that if you watch him while thinking of John Travolta you will see that he is his clone. It’s freaky. Go squeak your little voice somewhere else.

5. Carly sang (the hell out of) “Come Together”. I think I may be seeing a new winner, here. She really pulled this off. Way to go.

6. David Cook sang “Eleanor Rigby”, which is my absolute favorite Beatles song. Funny story. When I was in college my roommate Chad was this amazing piano player, and on nights when we couldn’t sleep we would sneak over to the music department and use their 6 track recorder and make recordings. My favorite was our version of Eleanor Rigby. We added all these strings and harmonies and it was beautiful and amazing. And lost. Oh well. What? Oh yeah! David cook – it was fine. I liked the chorus.

7. Brooke sang “Let It Be”. Whenever I hear this song I hear “Letter B” from Sesame Street. Am I the only one? Remember? It was all about the letter B? No? Ok… So, Brooke did well. She sat at the piano and did her Carly Simon thing. But she didn’t wear shoes. Yeah – get over yourself, Brooke. You’re not Joss Stone.

8. David Hernandez sang “I Saw her Standing There”. Let’s just say that Tiffany did this song better when she was doing her tours of American Malls. Ew.

9. Amanda the Janis wannabe sang “You Can’t Do That” and guess what? She can’t. Go home before you ruin your voice forever, screechy.

10. Michael Johns sang “Across the Universe”. Since he is older than the universe, I thought this appropriate. Whatever. The ladies at work love this guy. I simply don’t get it.

11. Kristie Lee sang “Eight Days A Week”. She sang it all hopped up on cocaine, or something. It was fast and incomprehensible and crappy. Go Home!

12. My little pumpkin David Archuletta sang “We Can Work It Out”. And he forgot the words. And he stunk up the stage with his terrible movements. And he sang out of tune. And he smiled all weird like he was about to cry (which he may have been). Oh, my sweet little guy – you lost it this week, huh? Come on! Pull it together! You can work it out!

Favorite Pix of the night:

1. Twitchy


2. You can hear me poot!


3. The new stage looks like an alien killing machine.


PS – I guess that America couldn’t get past the David Hernandez-is-possibly-maybe-gay thing, and he went home last night. I mean, come on – his song wasn’t that bad. I think it should have been Kristie “General” Lee for her crappy country twang thang.

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One Response to American Idol – the Top Twelve

  1. Pete says:

    Jason just bugs the crap outta me…the dreds are pretentious if you ask me…

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