Spring has sprung.

All over our kitchen.

A couple nights ago Jess (of Jess and Matt) needed to get away from the massive renovation that Matt is doing to their bathroom (BTW – it’s gonna be the best bathroom in Portland – heated slate floors, gorgeous tile everywhere, massive tub, heated towel warmers, a bidet. Just kidding – no bidet. They’re American, damn it! But the line to see this bathroom will stretch ’round the block), so she came over with a grocery cart and cooked dinner for the Hub and me. Yes, that’s the kind of friends that we have. They come over with all of the ingredients to cook and feed us. It’s ok to be jealous.

The recipe was for Spring Green Risotto, and it was by the “Shoeless Minor-Royalty Lady”. You know – The Shmarefoot Shmontessa. Oh, nevermind – it’s printed right there. Here’s the recipe, if you want to follow along…

And here’s what to do:

You can figure out what’s behind that annoying white line. I have faith in you.

Here is Jess starting out on her journey to deliciousness…


And here she is, stirring like crazy. Seriously – there are blur lines around her hand. She created a mini cyclone.

Like a robot, she is.

Here’s the risotto before cooking…

Not too appetizing. YET!

Blanching the asparagus.

Again with the blur. And, can anyone tell me why my pee smells so weird after I eat asparagus? I know it can’t just be me. Can it? Oh, god.

And here’s the Risotto, all peppery and creamy and parmesany and filled with smiles and sunshine.

Jess also made chicken breasts. She breaded the breasts, and threw them in a baking dish without any oil or butter or anything fatty at all! Sacrilege! And, through her magical witch powers the breasts turned out awesome. Can I say breasts anymore? Yes, I can. Breasts.

And here is the finale!


So, thanks go to Jess for feeding us. We would have had a lean cuisine, otherwise.

You can use our shower anytime!

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