AmericanIdol – the Top Eleven

This week the Top Eleven sang again from the Beatles songbook, which I guess is ok, since they do have a ton of music to pick from. Plus, it looks like the stylist is starting to exert his influence, ’cause the kids were looking good. But we’re here for the music, Damnit!

1. Amanda started the show with “Back In The USSR”. And all I have to say about her singing is that her bangs still look grody. Ponder that sentence. I mean, I suppose it would look fine if she had long bangs that were bleached, kind of a Rogue thing, but what she’s “rockin” now looks like an albino spider sitting on her forehead. Pretty.

2. Kristie Lee Cook sang “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” and if possible she was even more boring than last week. She was like a Ben Stein impersonator. She did work the sparkly dress and 6 inch cowboy boot heels, though.

3. Cutie McDaddy-Beats-Me-if-I-Mess-Up David Archuletta sang “The Long And Winding Road”, and he did it beautifully. Although I love his voice and think he should win, he needs to stop with the lizard licking lips thing. It’s gross.

4. Michael Johns sang “A Day In The Life”. Since he has had about 21,900 days in his life (do the math) I guess he can pull from experience. The ladies at work pee themselves whenever he comes on, and I just don’t get it. Please, Mr. Michael Hutchence wannabe, go home.

There was a commercial during the break with Sarah Chalke (you know, the second Becky on Rosanne and the cute one on Scrubs) about non-weggie undies. Although I understand the need to pay the bills, why?

5. Brooke White sang “Here Comes The Sun”, predictably. And, she was wearing a sunny yellow dress and there was a giant sunrise behind her on the mondo-screen, just to make sure you got the theme of the song. SUN GOOD! HERE IT COMES! She continues to be overly dramatic while singing, but she didn’t suck.

6. David Swoopy Hair “rocked out” to “Daytripper”. He’s so cheesily rock star. At one point he pointed out over the audience. He’s too cool for school, doncha know. It was fine. The best part was after he sang, when Ryan came over, David pretended to fall, and Ryan said “Here, let me grab you”, and David backed away. Awesome.

7. Carly Smithson sang “Blackbird”. I always think of funerals when I hear this song, so way to bring the dead vibe, Carls. However, she did sing great. I have a girl crush on Carly. I think it’s partly based on her accent.

8. Jason “Fidel” Castro sang “Michelle”. Oh, god, it was horrible. How is this kid here? It must be the tight pants. He can’t hit notes, he can’t carry a tune – HE CAN’T SING. Stop voting for dredy. The most irritating part was when he was singing in french, he had this look-at-me-I’m-so-goofy-but-not-gay thing he was projecting. Yes, yes – we get it.

9. Sayesha sang “Yesterday”. She looked amazing, and really sang the song perfectly. I was waiting for the string section to come in to supplement the lone guitar, which didn’t happen, but on the whole I really liked it. Her dress was great.

10. Chikezie sang “I’ve Just Seen A Face”, and he did that same thing he did last week with the down-on-the-bayou part of the song, which I did not like at all. Please don’t do that again.

11. Ramiele sang “Should Have Known Better”. It was too slow, and she enunciated things strangely. She said “Ma-ha-ha-hine” (Mine) and at one point sang “Ch-oo-oo-oo” or something. She has a pretty voice, but is too inexperienced for this level of competition. Plus, she seems really needy. Like – you know you’d want to be nice to her, but it would be so much work. Sigh.

The bottom three were Carly Smithson, Kristie Lee Cook, and Amanda Overmyer. What? Carly is awesome. Stop not voting for her! I thought that maybe it was time to say goodbye to Kristie, but her cute little face won her a place in the top ten, and on the eventual tour. I’m ok with that. I don’t want to hear Amanda ruin her vocal cords all over me. Blech.

Pretty pretty pictures:


Maybe if I scrunch myself up they wont realize that I am not a teenager. Maybe.


Nice corset, Lady Marmalade.


Tell me Ryan isn’t having a petit mal…

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