Easter Weekend 2008

Christ has risen indeed!

On Easter Sunday morning, back when I went to church, the pastor would yell out “Christ has risen!” and the congregation would reply in unison “He has risen indeed!”. It was a thing.

On Saturday I decided to do a project and I converted my dry sink into a power station. Hub and I have been putting our cell phones and tiny gaming systems and land line phones all over this thing, and I wanted to get a handle on it. So, I strapped on my Handy-Smurf toolbelt and cut two wire holes in the back of the top. Then I painted the inside of the holes brown to make the holes less obvious. It was a small project but it has a big impact.

It looks Smurfy, Papa Smurf (Hubby).

On Saturday evening I got together with Sabrina and we ran some errands (Target). Come 6:00 we were getting a little nibbly, so we decided to get something to eat. We were over near the new Lowes in South Portland and there appears out of the mist a new tex mex steak house restaurant called Texas Roadhouse. Since I had been craving a steak for days we decided to try to get in, even though the parking lot was packed.

When we got to the door we were greeted by the hostess, and she asked for our invitation. Apparently this was an invite only pre-opening extravaganza, and we were crashing. I apologized and turned to leave, but the hostess took pity on our hungry-ness and said that we could sit at the bar. She said that there were just a couple things that we needed to know. We would have to order two things on a limited menu that they decided for us, but it would be free (except for alcoholic drinks), and the evening was to benefit Project Grace. OK!

We sat at the bar and a bartender lady gave us the little menu – Score! We were getting a pulled pork dinner and a 20 oz PRIME RIB. Yay! I looked over to Sabrina, and she has this constipated look on her face. What? She said that she doesn’t want pork or steak. I asked her if she wants to leave (’cause I am a nice guy) and she’s all “not if you don’t want to…”. Ugh. I told the bartender gal that we were leaving, and she gave us another menu to eat from, with roasted chicken and filet mignon! OMG! Yes! Sabrina loves roasted chicken. Except not on Saturday apparently. We left. Sigh.

On Easter Sunday we went to my Nannie’s house to eat with my extended family. The dinner was great, but the most fun was that after dinner my sister hooked up an old record player in the kitchen and we had a family sing along. I know, we’re cheesy. But fun!

Doesn’t every grandmother have these chairs?

Thank GOD I’m a country boy.

If I was a girl I wouldn’t want to be called Cracklin’ Rosie. it sounds like she has a wicked case of dry skin.

The kids had never heard of the Irish Rovers, but my mother knew every word to that unicorn song.

This was on the back of the Irish Rover record. I’m not sure what kind of boys they are, but I think it might be Queer. Yay!

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One Response to Easter Weekend 2008

  1. Brenda M says:

    OMG, The Irish Rovers…weren’t they on television on Saturday afternoons or something when we were kids? Seriously, like when we were little and there wasn’t any cable I do remember them. They were always in a pub of some sort with a lot of people around.

    Neil…remember Brad Grinnen always doing Neil during the lip sync? Love him! You guys are so fun.

    My parents always had a record/8-trac player when we were kids…classics included the Statler Brothers and the Gaithers. Also, Charlie Pride, Brenda Lee, and Bing Crosby…ahh youthful memories.

    Smooches 🙂

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