Well I guess it would be nice…

And I know all the games you play, because I play them too

A couple thoughts:

1. Last weekend I cooked and I slaved and I made my awesome macaroni and cheese to have with the requisite ham for Easter. I brought it to my Nannie’s house for consumption, and my immediate family loved it. They all said “MMM, Chris2fer, this is so good”, and “Wow, Chris2fer – what magic did you sprinkle on this to make it taste so heavenly”? And all the rest of the family tried it and left it on their plates. Huh? I know from hearing personal testimony that this is the best mac and cheese ever. I turned to my Nannie and asked her if she was even going to nibble just a tiny bit, and she said no – She doesn’t like macaroni and cheese. I said, “But I cooked it for you, Nannie” (Lie). So she said she would get some for later. I replied “Don’t take it if you are just going to give it to someone else or throw it away when I leave”. So she didn’t.

2. George Michael is coming to America to do a few shows, and he is coming to Boston. Oh My God. George Michael. I first said to myself (in my head) “I think I might be a little bit gay” when I saw him “shakin’ that ass” in the video for faith. Remember that? Good times. And I will be going to see George with my friend Coreyander. She is one of my oldest friends (length of friendship, not years alive. She’s not 80 or anything), and we have been listening to Mr. Michael together for eighteen years. I remember sitting on her bed in her little teensy room and playing “Listen Without Prejudice, Volume 1”. It was so sad and full of meaning. Tell me how to heal the pain, George. Whisper it into my ear. Coreyander is still in denial about G-man being gay. Whatev, Cors. Didn’t you see his shorts in WHAM?


Ok, wait. …Yup …Ew.

3. I am going on vacation! I haven’t really taken one since I started the blog, so I will not be posting (maybe) for a few days. Please remember me! I will return and I love you all! Don’t stop visiting. Maybe while I’m gone you can read through all the history.


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4 Responses to Well I guess it would be nice…

  1. M says:

    Um…what? Not posting for a week. Unacceptable. As I’ve told you…..you are part of my morning….every morning. Not even one teeney weensie little blog while you’re away?????? Surely you’ll be taking thousands of photos on vacation and writing a massive blog when you get home?

  2. M says:

    What am I supposed to do with the time I spend reading your blog? It’s part of my morning routine……vacation…cancelled.

  3. lisa says:

    When are you back. You are missing some great IDOL…..and I am missing your blog…enough vacation already!

  4. discomagnet says:

    Thats one classy Wham flick you have there!

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