The Ten Best 80’s Cartoons According To Me

It’s time to get buzzed on sugary cereals and watch some tv…

Remember waking up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday morning to watch all the awesome cartoons? My sister and I would be in front of the tv by 6am, and not move for anything but cereal until Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom came on. Then we had to do chores, ’cause my mother was afraid of us turning into lazy slobs. As if. Her favorite words were “go out and play”.

So, here are my favorite 80’s cartoons, of all time, bum bum bum! They are in ascending order, from my least favorite (but still better than all the other crap on tv at the time… Kissyfur, anyone?) to my most favorite, if you put it in the DVD player I will sit for hours, bestest cartoon of the 80’s ever.

10. Beverly Hills Teens 

This was, like, a total precursor to Beverly Hills, 90210, dude. A bunch of rich kids get into shenanigans while tooling around in their limos. And the lead gal is named Larke, and her boyfriend is Troy, and the bitch girl is Bianca. Aren’t those perfect eighties names for rich kids? This rocked. And the theme song rocked, too.

You can listen to the theme song here: Beverly Hills Teens

9. Bionic Six  

 A family is injured, or something, and they all get special bionic powers that they use to fight the evil forces of Scarab! They all had rings that they shove into their wrists while simultaneously shouting “Bionics, On!”. The father was superstrong, and the mother was psychic, and one son was sporty and had a bionic baseball bat (yes) and another (racially diverse) son was supersmart, and yet another “Benetton” son had bionic karate moves. The daughter could run fast. She got the short end of the bionic powers, if you ask me. You need a soda? Holdonhereitis!

8. Drak Pack

Most people don’t even remember this, but it was about the sons of the classic monsters. There was Frankie, the son of Frankenstein, and Howler, the son of the wolfman, and Drak, the grandson of Dracula. My friends and I would play this outside, and I always insisted on playing Drak. Hello – cape!

7. Count Duckula

A family of vampire duck exist, but they have all been wiped out by vampire duck hunters! When a bumbling servant adds ketchup to the reincarnation spell instead of blood, Count Duckula is born. He’s a vegetarian, you see. In a castle that can teleport. Yeah, it was British. But Awesome. And the theme song was a disco song with a guy yelling DUCKULA over and over again. Awesome x2.

Theme song: Duckula Theme

6. Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

The animation was excellent, the story lines were well thought out, there was continuity from episode to episode, but the best thing about this was the theme song. Gummi Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere! High adventure that’s beyond compare! They are the Gummi Bears.

Theme song: Gummi bears theme

5. He-Man

Come on. He’s the best of all worlds. A sexy nerd in times of peace, and a hot harness wearing leather daddy when he turns on the heat. By the power of Greyskull, indeed.


4. Thundercats


Sure, There’s Liono and Panthro and Cheetara and all the other kitty-people. The reason I watched and loved this show was for Mum-Ra, The Ever Living. He was a grumpy old man in tattered rags who transformed (“Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed form to Mum-Ra, the Everliving!”) into Mum-Ra, a juiced up grey Egyptian god who in reality would have been serving Liono soup after their first fight. Whatever. The triumph of good over evil blah blah blah. Also, I found this online. Hee!

3. Spiderman And His Amazing Friends

How awesome was this show? Spiderman, Firestar and Iceman team up to fight baddies. They had a secret computer in their living room that hid behind a wall. They met up with the X-Men. They fought Dracula, for Jebus-sake. They also had great transformation scenes…Firestar would burn off all her street clothes to reveal her costume, and Iceman would encase himself in a block of ice, breaking out of his street clothes. Spiderman would… sneak off to change clothes around the corner? Yeah. His transformations sucked.

2. Jem 

I had a real problem deciding between this and number 1, which one I would favor. The only reason this isn’t number one is because, at heart, it is a soap opera. But come one, how can you not love it? Jerrica Benton, boring blonde nerd, becomes Jem, the pink haired badass rock star by the power of her holographic supercomputer Synergy and two star earrings. And she sings soft rock songs three times an episode! And she leads Rio on in both her forms. Cartoon gold.

1. Dungeons and Dragons

A group of kids get stuck in a mystical dimension and they all gain powerful weapons to fight the evil Venger, with the aid of the tiny dungeon master and their baby unicorn, Uni. Sure, the weapons were cool – the energy bow, the invisibility cloak, the  magicians hat, the force field shield, the javelin (ok, that one sucked) and the super strong club. But the bad guy Venger was the best. He was supremely evil, all while wearing a long skirt and with only one horn on his head. And he was a sorcerer. And he had a shadow demon as a toady. Rock on, Venger. As an aside, this show cause tons of kids to become witches and Satan worshipers, if you believe what the church was saying at the time. Edgy!

Well? What do you guys think? What were your favorite 80’s cartoons?

The next ten: 11 – 20

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24 Responses to The Ten Best 80’s Cartoons According To Me

  1. Brenda M says:

    Ok, I remember a few of these. I just rented Jem for Gabby a few weeks ago..she loved it. I do remember, though, getting up early to watch the Saturday cartoons with my brother as well. We had to take turns choosing. I remember having to stop watching when Solid Gold came on. Too funny.

    By the way, I watch Boomerang with some frequency now(under the guise that the kids want to watch it too, hee hee)…love Scooby Doo and all it’s incarnations.

  2. M says:

    Um…..I was in college in the 80’s…..and pretty much was sleeping off a hangover on Saturday’s. I watched the cartoons of the 60’s and 70’s. Which kind of limited me to:

    Bugs Bunny
    Yogi Bear
    Pink Panther
    George of the Jungle
    Deputy Dawg
    Droopy Dog
    Top Cat
    Scooby Doo

    And yes….I had to Google these to remember what I watched waaayyyyy back then.

  3. M says:

    AND…was a huge fan of HR Puff n Stuff. Can’t forget that one.

  4. Hubby says:

    I am with M. All but Droopy Dog and Top Cat are not familiar to me.

    Being 40 rocks!

  5. HELP!! says:

    I distinctly remember a cartoon from the 80’s, where the main characters were in a “Witch school” The teacher lady was a witch and taught 2 or 3 kids (2 boys and a girl) The “main” boy had a scar on his forehead. (SOUND FAMILIAR?)

    I remember that it was a shorter, maybe 10 min show, maybe a filler. but I saw several episodes.

    I WONDER if “Harry Potter” might have been ripped off from this…


  6. chris2fer says:

    Are you thinking of “The Trouble with Miss Switch”? It was about a teacher who was a witch, and she had adventures with a young boy and girl. It was an ABC Weekend Special.

  7. dan says:

    Your omission of Thundarr the Barbarian shows that you were not a true Saturday Morning Cartoon Junkie of the 80s. Any cartoon featuring a light-saber wielding barbarian in an apocalyptic future automatically makes top ten lists.

  8. chris2fer says:

    I can’t believe I forgot Thundarr. You are correct sir. Duly noted.

  9. imfeld95 says:

    I can’t believe Johnny Quest is not in there! Or what about GI Joe or even the blue skinned Smurfs. IF you get your own cereal made because of a cartoon, then you deserve to be in the top ten. Who could forget Space Ghost, Super Friends, The Herculoids, all classic Saturday morning toons. Other shows like the Bugaloos, HR Puff n’ Stuff, Sigman and the Sea Monster, great shows, but not cartoons.
    My top ten-
    1. D&D
    2.GI Joe
    3.Johnny Quest
    4.Space Ghost
    5.Super Friends
    6. Thundercats
    7.Thundarr the Barbarian
    9.Spider Man

  10. spuddie says:

    Ummm…ever heard of a little show called “The Transformers”?

  11. Loucca says:

    What was the name of the cartoon that’s theme song was Wild Thing?
    I tihnk it was the theme song; the story revolved around a scientist who was unfortunately transformed into some sort of swamp beast with incredible strength and the power to mutate. He was constantly trying to find ways of restoring his human form, while of course, saving the area from environmental destruction and the like.

  12. Monika says:

    I vaugely remember a cartoon about a boy in front of a computer and getting sucked into it and ending up in a magical land w/ talking animals i think the lion was the main one the dressed like people…for some reason i think they may have been a blibical cartoon but not sure if anyone remembers please let me know…i’m going crazy….not remmebering

  13. NM says:

    Hey?! What about Visionaries?! Visionaries was AMAZING!

  14. Tiffany Wiseman says:

    I’ve been going crazy trying to find Beverly Hills Teens episode “McTech, P.I.”, does anyone have a copy of it?

  15. Jeremy says:

    Anyone ever hear of a little cartoon called Voltron?!!!

  16. Jomar says:

    Its nice to know that I was not the only person who watched the Bionic Six as a child. For a while I thought I hallucinated the whole thing.

  17. Christine says:

    I thought I was the only one who remembered the Drak Pack – it was one of my favorite cartoons (and I had a huge cartoon crush on Drak).

  18. john says:

    This ranking is absolutely ridiculous.
    Didn’t you ever see Robotech, Silverhawks, Galaxy Rangers, Saber Rider, Transformers, Visionaries, Mask, etc…
    Those were good cartoons. You mixed in your ranking good cartoons like Thundercats, Bionic Six and He-man with crap like the other 7 (Dungeons & dragons may be an exception).

  19. KAthryn Williams says:

    Yes! I remember the cartoon bout the boy sucked into his computer, but not much else!!

  20. Dev says:

    I admit that they do bring back some memories of cartoons that i used to watch as a teenager and a child. Sadly they dont make them like they used to.

  21. jason says:


    It had a guy in a blue cloak maybe even hooded but his master was this tiny witch(evil) who ordered him to do things and i think he was protecting a kid from here or something. vaguely remember it but god ive been hunting it for years. someone please help.

    • jennyc says:

      jason did you ever find this out? i think im looking for the same movie… i only remember it being on the disney channel in the 80s and i was terrified of it.

  22. John T. Vonachen says:

    I lived for watching the D&D cartoons. I have them now on my hard disk. Funny you should mention the church’s opinion about that. I watched it when I was in Junior High School and early in high school and since then for several years now I have become a witch!

    Honorable mention should be given to Battle of the Planets and Thundar the Barbarian (definitely Thundar the Barbarian).

  23. K says:

    No one remembers “Jayce And The Wheel Warriors”? Jayce with his cool skunk hair style, computerized vehicles.The show has a rocking theme song too.

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