Vacation Chat, with Chris2fer

Ah, traveling. It’s so bracing!

During my vacation the Hubby and I went to visit his family in Southern Maryland. As I have promised pictures, I am here to deliver! This is part one, of however many I can stretch this into.

Friday, March 28th

I always like to get an early start on a trip, especially if we are driving. Now, it usually takes about 10 hours to get to the Hub’s homebase. About ten hours. Keep that in mind. On Friday morning we were on the road at 6:10 am. Except it was snowing just a little. Oh look, how beautiful! A light flurry of angel kisses to send us on our way!

“Just a little” rapidly turned into “just a lot” and we were forced to go 45 miles per hour. There was about 5 inches of slush on the turnpike; I guess that they decided that they didn’t want to plow that day. That was fun. I laid my seat back and closed my eyes ’cause I had spent most of the trip shoving my foot through the floor (on the imaginary brake) and second guessing all of the Hub’s driving decisions. Which, as you can imagine, he loved. I could hear his teeth grinding over the sound of the radio.

When we finally left the state of Maine the snow stopped, miraculously. It was like a switch. Maine – winter. Welcome to New Hampshire, now it’s spring! But strangely, the traffic wasn’t moving very fast, and it was getting very backup up. On the turnpike radio station they stated that there was a bad accident on 495 outside of Boston, and please to avoid this area. Guess which road we were on? It took us four and a half hours to get to Boston. Wee!

The accident, which snarled up traffic for 2 states and 4.5 hours. Way to go, drunk lady!

It’s surprising what happens when you drive for long periods of time. It either goes very, very quickly, or very, very  oh-my-god-kill-me-now slowly. Happily, our trip down went very quickly. Probably due to the fact that Hub and I were singing our voices raw to all the most fabulous Broadway musicals and soft rock ballads that my ipod could supply. Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you… I’m all of out love, I’m so lost without you…And we’ve got nothin’ to be guilty of, our love, can climb any mountain…

Southern Maryland is a very beautiful place, but to get to the very beautiful places you have to drive through the highway of boredom. I think that’s its actual name. They call it the HOB for short. Achem. They also have weird ideas of what to do with all the flat, empty farm land that we drove through. As a Maine boy, it doesn’t seem natural to have all this empty land without a tree or a rock, and to build things in the middle of said fields. Like a random Kohls in the middle of nowhere. Or these houses, which go on FOREVER. It’s like low rent Stepford town.

House in the middle of a field. Nice stab at privacy there, with the 5 trees.

Kohl’s. There is nothing around this at all. At All.

I did take a couple nice pictures of the scenery, though. see?

I would live in this house. Seriously. 

National Geographic-y, no?

So, it only took us 14 and a half hours to get to the Hub’s hometown. That’s a long day, people. We arrived all travel-worn and full of crappy highway food. And that’s when the fun really started…

Aaaannnd, I’ll have Part 2 tomorrow. I think I’ll call it “Maryland – Electric Boogaloo”. Here is a preview of what you might see tomorrow, if you’re good and eat all your veggies. 


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