Maryland – Electric Boogaloo!

…where the cuteness is increased a thousand-fold

Saturday March 29th – Wednesday April 2

We stayed with the Hub’s Aunt and Uncle and their daughter, Hub’s sister. Hi Hub’s sister! Hi Aunt! Hi Uncle! Love you all!

The sister of the Hubby had recently adopted a new member of the family, Chloe. Chloe is 2.5 lbs of pure sunshiny loving tiny-tongued kisses and hyper activity. She’s a teacup Pomeranian. Unfortunately, she is losing her puppy coat, so instead of the traditional huge puffy ball of fur that you usually associate with a Pom, we got a scruffy little fox looking almost-cat that you can hide in your hand. But that’s ok. Her love won us over. Her intense love!

Look at me! Look at me!

Don’t it make my brown eyes blue

Hello. I think you need puppy kisses.

Chloe wears this bell so she wont be stepped on. Seriously. She’s the size of a butter stick.

All Chloe wants to do is sit on your lap, and fall asleep in the crook of your neck, and sometimes chew her itty bitty toys, and try to attack the cats. Except the cats are five times her size, and they’re all “Get this annoyance off me. I don’t deign to even look in your direction. Consider yourself ignored.” You know, ’cause cats are effete royalty. Stupid dandery cats. Anyway.

We also visited with the Hub’s Nannie and Grampy, Mary and “Hub Senior”. They raised Hubby from a tender age, and we really think of them as one of several wonderful sets of parents that Hubby is lucky to have. They live in an enormous house on the bay. It’s pretty nice. And when I say pretty nice, it can sleep over 20 people. In beds. Swanky!


These are portraits of Marie and Hub Senior that are hanging in the Manse. BTW, their house is called “Shallow Point”. It has a name.

So, we visited, and we shopped, and we visited, and we ate, and we drove around, and we shopped, and we visited and ate. Visited. Shopped. Ate. Repeat.

And I brought my camera around with me to take awesome pictures to share. But there wasn’t anything really picture worthy. I mean, you don’t need me to take pictures of the inside of Marshall’s , do you? I think not.

So, the last full day that we were in Maryland the Hub decides to take me “around town”, to see the sights. And guess what? I didn’t know we were going to do that, so I didn’t bring the camera. Thanks, Hub. Let’s plan a little better next time, shall we?

We drove to a beautiful church out the way, and we drove to historic St. Mary’s County (kinda like Williamsburg), and we drove to the Hub’s old college (gorgeous), and we drove to some of the places that he lived, and some of the places that his family has lived, and it was killing me, all the great pictures that I was missing! Argh! Why?!

So, that was our trip, in a nutshell. (Where did that phrase come from, “in a nutshell”? What does it mean, exactly? Did people in olden days put things in nutshells? And why?) We got up at 3:00am on Wednesday and drove home, without incident. It took ten hours, only.

Grady looked huge to us, after our days with the two pound lovemuffin Chloe. And he was loving life at the spa where we left him. He barely wanted to come home. But we made him. With love!

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2 Responses to Maryland – Electric Boogaloo!

  1. Brenda M says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a cuter puppy(except your Grady of course).

  2. Hubby says:

    Doe anyone think my grandparents slightly resemble Lucy and Ricky Ricardo? I think it was a generational thing.

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