Taxation (with representation)

Charity begins at home.

The Hub and I file our taxes as soon as our W2s hit our doorstep. You see, we have worked it out that we get a little back every year, so we look forward to the influx of cash in order to pay our bills or do some home improvements or just to “give back”. You know?

Well, this year we “gave back” to ourselves. Suck it, bills!

This is our new demi-god, which we worship most evenings that we aren’t out curing cancer or running marathons or sponsoring telethons for charity. 

It is a Phillips 47 inch High Definition 1080p LCD with an internal engine that turns our 400 lines per screen DVDs into 1080 lines with amazing results. We also bought the HD package from our cable company, so we can enjoy counting Ryan Seacrest’s pores (he doesn’t have any) and seeing just how much makeup Matt Lower wears in the mornings. Lots is the answer. Lots.

Buy it!

I am a quick shopper. If I realize that I need something, and have the money for it, I will go to a store, find the nearest approximation that I can be happy with, and have it home all within an afternoon. The Hub is exactly the opposite. If he decides that we need, say, a new couch? He will painstakingly go to every furniture store in the greater Portland area, and several in the very very greater Portland area, and sit and prod and look at every couch. Twice. And he will finally decide that he likes a couch. But on the way to the register he will decide that perhaps he is wrong, and maybe he will just go home a take a nap, ’cause that couch? It looks shoddy, really. It is mildly irritating to a person like me. Mildly like a thousand million fire ants deciding that they would like to bite you all at once.

Gaze upon our other recent purchases. It only took two and a half years of searching to find them!

They are that thick leather, not the butter soft leather that Grady could tear with his eyelashes. No, this leather could stand up to a hyperactive dancing long nailed Westie, no problem. And the back cushions are attached. And the side arms are big enough for dinner plates to be set on. And they have that yummy leather smell. And they make the new enormous TV so much better to watch.

Sigh. Life? She is good.

P.S. – Yay! The elderly Michael Johns was voted off of American Idol! Apparently I am in the minority on this one, ’cause the ladies at my office were practically sobbing about his demise. Sheesh. He was, what – 80? He had a good run. Let him go peacefully. He would have wanted it that way.

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