I vant to suck your… blood? Eh, sure. That’ll do.

Listen to this while you read…just because.

This past Friday was Matt’s (of Jess & Matt) 30th birthday. We celebrated with them on Friday night by going out to Pat’s Meat Market (my review) to have a wonderful dinner, then home to watch a movie or tv or something. I forget. But it is always great to hang with them.

On Saturday night we got out the Star Wars themed tablecloth and plates and Jess threw Matt a party, inviting most of our street. It was a ton of fun. Not just for the cool company and the booze, but also because Matt got a Wii for his birthday, and we all played Wii sports all night long.

Have you seen the commercials with the two asian gentlemen knocking on doors and telling whoever answers that “Wii would like to play.”? It was just like that, but with 100% less asian gentlemen.

We played tennis and bowling and shoot em up (or something). I kicked ass as the shooting game. I’m a bad mutha, donchaknow. I also hurt my arm playing tennis. You gotta watch this game. It might get you to exercise without you knowing it. Sneaky bastard.

Yesterday I watched Fright Night, ’cause I had never seen it and it was supposed to be this masterwork of subtle gay hints all through the plot. Yeah, no. The “gay” character, Evil Ed, is just a freaky weird guy who laughs too much. There’s not much gay about him. And the vampire and his henchman, although they do hang off of each other frequently, are really more just buddies. I mean, the vampire falls for the lead character’s girlfriend and makes her a vamp to be by his side. I guess he could just be needing a faghag, but I really don’t think so. All in all, it was just “eh”.

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