The Biggest Loser Couples Edition Season Finale

You are the biggest loser… goodbye!

The Hub and I watched the finale of the Biggest Loser last night, and if you were a fly on the wall, you would have heard something like these snippets… (bitchiness and snarkiness to follow)…

Wow. Allison has been following the program. She looks damn good!

Yay! Mark isn’t a finalist! Cryin’ baby-man.

Woops! But someone else hasn’t! I’m surprised she put down the Krispy Kremes long enough to struggle into that sausage skin dress and waddle on stage.

Yeah, right. Paul is “sick” and can’t come. Whatever. He gained all his weight back ’cause he misses Kelly. She’s so much better off without him. La-hoo-zer.

Oh, Yeah – Bernie has a girlfriend like I do. Queeny McBoo.

Only 52 pounds over 4 months? She sucks at this game.

OMG. Look at Ali. She doesn’t have a single fat cell on her whole body. I’m kinda afraid of her. She could totally kick my ass. And Jillian is crushing on her soooo much!

Kelly looks good! Not Ali good, but good.

Did he just say that no one thought of the money, they are just doing it to better their lives? That’s Bull. Everyone thought of the money. Otherwise, why come to the result show? You already have bettered your life…

OMG – Bob is wearing an ascot. …Which, on retrospect, shouldn’t surprise me.

Yay! Go go gay Bernie! …Which one do you think is his boyfriend?

Aaaannndd… Ali won! Excellent. I’m so glad she beat those two brothers and Roger. They suck. …But they are hot now. H.O.T. Grrr.

And finally…

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2 Responses to The Biggest Loser Couples Edition Season Finale

  1. lisa says:

    Love the write up about BL! Yes, so glad Ali won…she rocked! Nice blog….

  2. kh says:

    Bob don’t get overheated be nice too people eat a whooper ok that will calm u down next season, ok ha ha:)

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