Where have all the Diva’s gone?

I wants me some good singin’…

1. Where is the Melinda Doolittle album that I crave? If she waits too long, all the goodwill that she has garnered will be gone. No one will know who she is. Come on, girl! You were the best part of last year’s AmId. You need to strike while the iron is hot!

2. The Hub and I watched the last hour of Dreamgirls last night. And yes – the new TV made it awesome. But even if it were showing on a 5 inch black and white, that movie would still make me cry every time. When Jennifer Hudson sings “This time, Effie White, Is gonna, ah ah, Win!”… incredible. Absolutely incredible. And where is her debut album?

3. When is Whitney going to release her comeback album? They keep saying that she is in the studio. How long do you have to be there to make an album? The longer it takes, the more I am feeling that it wont be good. Please please please, Whitney. Please make it like your older stuff. I don’t want any rappers on your album. I don’t want Bobbi-Christina on your album. I don’t want any hard rock guitar licks on your album. I want 12 perfect soft rock ballads that start quietly and grow into a huge production number. I want old Whitney. Soon.

4. I want a new Sandi Patty album that sounds like “Make His Praise Glorious”. That album was perfect. I don’t want soft songs – I want screaming high note endings. I want my ears to bleed with the highness of the notes. Sandi, I want you to get back together with some of your old composers and give me an 80’s era Christian album.

5. And while I’m at it: Barbra – sounding more like your music from the 60s through the mid 80s would be great… Cher – How about Believe Part 2? And no, “Living Proof” doesn’t count… Diana – Give me “Aint No Mountain High Enough”, not any of the “music” that you’ve made since 1985… Dolly – more mid-tempo radio soft pop hits like “9 to 5” and “Islands in the Stream”… Karen – I want your brother to find another “lost” album… Mariah – More like “Vision of Love”, less like “Butterfly”… Donna – anything at this point. Anything.

Anyway – those are my desires for my divas. My diva desires. Maybe one of them will see this little entry and email me! OMG! Hello, Sandi- I love you!

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2 Responses to Where have all the Diva’s gone?

  1. M says:

    You forget….you’ll see your Jennifer next month in the SATC movie!!! She prolly won’t sing, but you’ll get to see her!!!!!!

  2. Brenda M says:

    Ahh, Sandi takes me back to days of sign language duets and Festival of Life try-outs.

    Why am I so OLD???

    Hugs 🙂

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