Picture Pages

Picture pages, picture pages, lots of fun with picture pages, lots of fun with crayons and with pencils…

This past weekend we had our friends Mary and Rob (and Sabrina) over for dinner, to celebrate their respective birthdays. Well, not Sabrina’s, ’cause hers was in August, and she don’t get no two birthdays a year, no matter how much she begs.

Mary loves all things flamingo, and Rob? He does not. This is a perfect representation of their eternal struggle to both fill with and keep pink things out of the house, and our eternal love of throwing gas on the fire…

Well, we decided to clean the heck out of the house, which I love to do. I love to clean. I know it’s a sickness, I’ve come to terms with it, and I’ve moved on. Let’s move on together, shall we? The Hubby brought home flowers which we used to decorate the dinner table in a springtime fresh theme. You can almost see Maria twirling like a crazy person on a mountaintop in Austria – it’s that springy.

The Hub also bought new little lampshades for our chandelier in the dining room. They match our curtains a bit more than the black ones used to. Plus, they have swirlies on them. I loves me some swirlies. It’s kinda surprising that the Hub bought them without any input from me, ’cause he would normally come home with something that is angular and minimal. I guess I’m rubbing off on him. (Heh. Dirty.)

I adorned the window sill behind the kitchen sink with some flowers. Please note my little gnome candle. I love him. See him wave hello to you! He is gentle and kind. And he will light your way with his gnome lantern! He’s very useful.

If you stand above Grady and don’t speak or move or do anything but stare at him he gets all freaked out and starts to grumble at you. If you continue to do nothing, he loses his mind and starts to bark at you. Why are you looking at me? Stop it immediately! I mean it!

This is the only way we see Grady all summer long. We have these long windows that go all the way to the floor, which is perfect for a certain little lad who is only 12 inches tall and who likes to stare out at the world and occasionally bark at it. Please also note our beautiful (discontinued!) IKEA curtains.

Grady loves to sit as close to the Hubby as he can, even if it means putting his neck out of joint in order to rest his head on the Hub’s leg. And me? Yeah – Grady is as close to me as he would like right now. While I am at work. And he is at home. In another city. Sigh.

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2 Responses to Picture Pages

  1. Brenda M says:

    I also have the cleaning sickness(no it’s not a sickness…it’s normal…it IS!!!). I LOVE Spring cleaning. Sadly, it takes longer all the time because of the kids.

    Love the tulips, by the way 🙂 Mine are just about ready to blossom out in the gardens.

  2. lisa says:

    oh and by the way….can you and Big G- come do the decorating for my daughters’ graduation party….pretty please? Look at that table…

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