Random Thoughts 8

Kinda Buffy-centric, actually. Not very random. A little bit, I guess.

1. This past Saturday afternoon the Hubby and I had this conversation regarding the backyard:

Me: I’m going to have to go through the yard and pick up all the fallen branches.

Hub: I already did that.

Me: Where did you put them?

Hub: In the past.

Me: …

Hub: You know, in the past.

Me: So you’re saying that you put the branches… in… the past. The past.

Hub: Yes. In the past. Past the end of the backyard. In the past. 

 2. Every time that I drive by “Lady Ball’s Victorian Boutique” in Westbrook I say “lady balls” aloud.  And then I chuckle. I have the Hub and Sabrina doing it now, too. Hee. Lady balls.

This is the only picture I could find on the interweb. Apparently Miss Ball is very secretive.

3. I am reading Buffy Season 8 (it’s a comic book continuing the Buffy story) and my little Willow can now fly. She flies. She has completed her transformation into Jean Grey.

4. Speaking of Buffy, they are releasing a tarot deck of painted Buffy characters. I know it’s a tool of the devil and blahbitty blah-blah, but how cool is this? I’ll answer for you: Very. It’s very cool. Plus, I’m fairly sure Sister Kristin and Sabrina will love this card the most, and maybe sleep with it under their respective pillows, and maybe kiss it goodnight…

Hello, hot Angelus.

Read about the Tarot deck here…

5. And speaking about speaking about Buffy, here’s another way to damn your eternal soul… a Buffy branded ouija board! Now I can finally talk to Tara and ask why she was bumped off the show…

Buy it here!

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One Response to Random Thoughts 8

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean about Lady Ball’s. I have the same reaction every time I see the “3 Large Italians $8.95” special on the sign at Anania’s.

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