Two Classic Movies

Forever in Blue Genes.

Lately I have been getting films through Netflix that the Hub has very little interest in. However, there are gaping holes in my film history that I just need to fill. Since Hubby doesn’t want to watch these, I try to fit them in before he gets home from work. I have watched these the past two afternoons…

1. Annie Hall.

OK – I get it. I never have gotten it before, but I get it now. Woody Allen. I mean, yes – he’s a little freak. But he’s weirdly sexy. I was trying to explain it to Hub, but he just looked at me like I may be nuts. Which I may be. But seriously – watch the movie. When he’s wearing his little tennis outfit, he’s strangely attractive.

Kinda? No? Just me? OK.

So, other than Woody’s siren-like appeal, the movie was pretty damn good. Diane Keaton played the titular role. She was young and pretty and she sang well. You know how she sings in “The First Wives Club” and “Because I Said So”? Yeah, she’s not so good in those movies. I guess the years haven’t been particularly kind to her singing voice. Also – this movie has a million 70’s stars in it. Aside from Woody and Diane, Carole Kane was in this. And Paul Simon. And Shelley Duval. And Colleen Dewhurst (my sister will know who she is – Marilla Cuthbert in Anne of Green Gables). And Christopher Walken. And Dick Cavett. And Jeff Goldblum.

The story is perfect Woody Allen – a nervous comedian falls in love with a ditzy New Yorker, then proceeds to systematically destroy their relationship. Yay!

2. On The Town.
I can’t believe that I have never seen this before. It’s a musical from the 50s, starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly, about Navy sailors on a 24 hour leave in New York City, and the shenanigans that they get into. Blah-blah find girls, blah-blah run around the city, blah-blah have sex (they do!), blah-blah get in trouble with the girls, blah-blah its all right at the end. You know, the usual.

That said, Gene Kelly is the foxiest. How this man isn’t gay I have no idea. Wowza. Just lookit…

He’s dreamy. You can’t deny it.

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2 Responses to Two Classic Movies

  1. Brenda M says:

    Love love love those “old” movies!! My husband is a pain about them…have to watch TCM all by myself.

  2. Hubby says:

    Let it be known that I DO like old movies. In fact, I have introduced Chris2fer to many. It’s just that I have seen what we are getting in the mail and they are not my favorites, at least not enough to invest weeknight time in.

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