Pizza Villa

Place: Pizza Villa
Time: 6:30 pm, Friday April 25, 2008
With: Hubby and Sabrina
Where: 940 Congress Street, Portland, Maine

Let it not be said that I am not a team player…

On Friday I looked at the unreviewed list (found here ) from , in an effort to complete the online directory of reviews found there. I sent the list to Sabrina and the Hub and asked what appealed to them. Well, Sabrina said that she was in the mood for pizza, and a couple of her friends told her that Pizza Villa had really great pizza.

A couple of her friends LIED.

 Pizza Villa is across from the “Inn on Saint John Street”. The location doesn’t conjure thoughts of strolls though a moonlit street – more a brief sprint to your car after dark. This is where we parked…

The inside of the Villa was very nice, actually. There is an exposed brick wall separating a bar area from the restaurant area. There are perhaps 7 or 8 tables in the restaurant where we sat. It is clean and well lit, and there are napkins on every table, as well as shakers of dried peppers and oregano. And Christmas decorations.

The menu was utilitarian, but it worked. They had several kinds of pizza and plenty of sandwiches to choose from. There was a specials board with a couple interesting pizza combinations, as well.

The pizzas that we ordered had fresh ingredients and lots of cheese and sauce. Where this all breaks down is in the crust – it is a frozen crust. You could probably buy a better crust at Shaws. It lacked taste and texture and ruined the pizza for us. We ended up picking the toppings off and eating only those.

Our waitress was not having a great day, either. She obviously has not been through the “33 points of Magic” customer service class. She was surly. She took our order at the counter, then delivered the pizzas to us at our table. When she was at out table I took the opportunity to ask for some parmesan cheese for the pies, and she said “Come with me”. I said “What?”, and she said “Come. Up. To. The. Counter.”, all hurried and out of patience with you, young man. Awesome.

Long story fairly short, if you are at Pizza Villa in the attached bar drinking and you get a hankering for some pizzas, then this is the place for you! If you want some tasty excellent pizza then go to Flatbread or Bonobo.

2 out of 5 stars.


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5 Responses to Pizza Villa

  1. Darling Nikki says:

    Maybe they are trying to lure some of the drunken Old Port business away from Bill’s Pizza.

    • A Pizza Villainess says:

      I’ve had just about everything on the menu, and it’s all been very good. I urge you, Chris2fer, to return for Phil’s haddock chowder (Fridays), some lemon chicken soup, pastrami, or another pizza pie.

      Nikki, Darling, they’re not looking to lure any drunken amateurs out of the Old Port.

  2. Ev Jones says:

    Hi Chris,

    Sounds like Pizza Villa could really use some MAGIC!

    I work at Communico in Westport, CT. How cool to see your reference to the 33 Points of MAGIC and to provide the link to our company’s web site!

    How did you hear about MAGIC?

    Thanks for being a “champion” of the 33 Points!


  3. John Boyle says:

    The crust is NOT frozen. You can watch them make it some times.

  4. Terina Dobson says:

    I’m with Ev Jones in suggesting you try it again. I’ve been going there for ten years now and I love everything about that place (especially the haddock chowder, lol). I prefer a crispier crust, so I ask them to cook it a little longer; they are always happy to oblige. And John is right, it’s not a frozen crust.

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