If bad things come in threes… Oh, jeeze.

On the way home from Pizza Villa last Friday night we were driving down Forest Ave in Portland and had to take a detour around Morrill’s Corner because a building was on fire! Sabrina wanted to see it up close, so we got out and I took some photos.

From afar – a mushroom cloud of death!

…but up close it is just a little building that burned. Not even to the ground. It just smoldered. Booooring.

On the plus side, if I don’t use my flash it looks like the vehicles from Tron arrived on the scene.

Sabrina really was very excited to see the carnage, and was pretty disappointed that it was only a small deal. I think that she is secretly one of those people who get off on violence and pain. “Put your finger in the wound! Do it!”  That’s gross, Sabs. Gross.


When I was in the fourth grade I went on one of my most favoritest field trips ever, to Norland’s Farm, in Livermore, Maine. It is a farm that runs like it was 1870.

When we got there, all the girls were shuffled off to the house to cook a meal, and all the boys were sent to the fields and barn to do farm chores. It was not the first time that I would be jealous of the girls. No, not the first time. Stupid girls…

The guides made us all pick new, 1870’s names. Mine was Jebediah, or Jeb for short. My first chore was to pick weeds from a section of the field, which sucked. We sang to pass the time. Hymns. Wee! 

My second job, though, was to watch over a cow as she was about to give birth. I was lucky enough to be the kid on watch when she dropped the calf. I helped the farm guide to clean the calf off, and then the little guy sat in my lap and I fed it from a bottle. We probably sat there for an hour, just bonding and being pals. I don’t eat veal to this day because of my little friend, Moo Moo. Shuddup, I was 9.

“Moo. Moo.” In cow language, that means “Don’t eat me. I’m too cute.” 

My mother called me last night to tell me that the Norland barn and attached buildings burned to the ground on April 28th. I only hope that Moo Moo was gone by that point. Yeah, he is probably pulling some plow in cow-heaven by now. Sniff.

You can look at the grounds and buildings here, and donate if so moved: I certainly will.

Have a great day!

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One Response to Pyromania

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Chris ~

    While a sow, her 18 new piglets and three chickens died in the Norlands’ fire, the current little Moo-Moo and his extended bovine family along with the five resident sheep survived the blaze. Also, Moo-Moo would have been a calf; foals are baby horses.

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