Random Thoughts 9

I am like DaVinci. But without all that “code” crap.

1. I really like the idea of vinyl wall art. If you look around the interweb you can find all sorts of it. I really wanted to try some, to see how it worked, but since we like heat and food I haven’t had a lot of frivolous spending money hanging around in my wallet, just aging. So? I found a picture of some vinyl wall art and I replicated it in my hallway with paint. I love it. I adds a certain whimsy. And Lord knows, I love me some whimsy. And I love the word whimsy. Say it with me. Whimsy. There now, wasn’t that satisfying?

The ceiling is gold, dahling. Goooold.

You can see some vinyl wall art at Esty (here).

 2. I think this bed is awesome, and I wonder if the Hub would let me buy one. Come on! It’s carpeted. All over. And it has a place for booze. And a TV. And it’s red. See more here.

3. I want to see this. Now.


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2 Responses to Random Thoughts 9

  1. M says:

    So you just painted that right? It wasn’t there the last time we were at your house and I failed to notice your genius??? It’s super duper whimsical!!

  2. mainemom32 says:

    I just love R.D. Jr.

    That “bed” looks like something out of Star Trek.

    I’ve seen that vinyl art for kids rooms at Pottery Barn and thought it to be cool, too. Love the ceiling. When my kids stop tearing the house apart I think I need to hire you as my interior design man, seriously.

    Hope all is well 🙂

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