Ironman would rust at the Lake House

See what I did there? Yeah – I’m a headline genius.

The Hubby and I had a date night on Friday night. We went to a dinner and a movie – the classic date in America. Except we’re two boys, so ha ha, America! You can’t keep me down with your outdated ideas of relationships. Power to the gays! Achem.

We went to see Ironman, with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. It was pretty awesome. Robert plays Tony Stark, who is a weapons manufacturer. He also comes up with most of the designs for the scary and devastating bombs, missiles and guns that his company builds. In a not too surprising turn of events (if you have seen the trailer) he gets his worldview changed and decides to be a force for truth, justice, and the American way. So, he builds himself a flying suit of armor and fights crime. It’s bad-assery at its finest.

After Tinman we went to the Bugaboo Creek restaurant, cause it was 9:15 and I was needin’ some din-din. I’m not sure if you are too elite to have ever eaten at the Creek, but let me tell you: You need to buy a wig and big sunglasses and suck it up and go. Get the Snowbird chicken with BBQ beans and seasoned french fries. So good. It was strange that the place was packed that late, though. I don’t think of it as a late night spot, but I guess I’m out of the loop. Kids these days. Hanging out at chain restaurants, drinking soda pop.

After a pretty unremarkable weekend (it rained and spoiled my plans of world domination backyard cleanup, last night the Hub and I settled in to watch The Lake House. Have you ever seen it? It is a romantic drama with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. It also features a magical mailbox that allows the two stars to chat back and forth through time. Take that, internet. You can’t IM someone through time, can you? A blow has been struck for postal service everywhere.

Anyway. It was actually a fairly good movie. Good enough that I had the Hub pause it when I got up to finish my laundry and get a cookie. I wont spoil it for you, but I will say that this is a chick flick with a happy ending.

The thing I was kinda shocked at was how old Keanu Reeves looked in the film. Sandra Bullock looked great – like she was taking care of herself. She was pretty and young looking. But Keanu? He looked nothing like when I first saw him, in My Own Private Idaho. Did you ever see that? He plays a Mayors son who turns to hustling himself out of misguided rebellion. He was young and pretty. Not anymore. He is puffy and scarred and his scruffy beard grew in patches and he has terrible hair. I kinda felt bad for Sandra, to have spent all that time and magical fantasy mailboxing on puffy Keanu. Oh well – willing suspension of disbelief. At least the house was really cool.

Old and Puffy

Young and Hot

It wasn’t what I expected the weekend would be, but it was a nice change of pace. Hope you had a good one, too. See you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Ironman would rust at the Lake House

  1. mainemom32 says:

    Ok, I get made fun of by my dear husband because of my fascination with Mr. Reeves. Why? Why? He says Keanu can’t act…but my question is, why does that matter? Can Pamela Anderson and her like act? I rest my case.

    I also liked The Lake House, by the way.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Glad to see you had fun while I was in NYC. I’m jealous that you saw Ironman. I want to see it. I saw Smart People and I fell asleep. Not because the movie was bad (it wasn’t great) but because I was tired.

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