It’s a double standard. I’m aware.

But I’m ok with that.

ZeeZee is an animal lover. She is the kind of person who, upon seeing a wounded squirrel on the side of the road, would pull her car over in rush hour traffic, gingerly pick the squirrel up, cradle it to her bosom,  place it carefully in her car and drive it to the nearest animal hospital. She would allow it to bite and scratch her because maybe it’s hurt and scared. She would pay lots of money for it to be cared for. She would name it Fred. That’s the kind of animal lover she is. The enormous hearted kind.

When we went to Blue Spoon it was at Zee’s suggestion, a lo and behold that it turned out that 20% of whatever we paid for dinner went to benefit the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Which is something I can get behind. Especially due to those stupid Pedigree commercials.

After we ate at Blue Spoon we walked back to ZeeZee’s house and had dessert. The Hubby had bought some goodies at Two Fat Cat’s Bakery earlier in the day. Since Zee is nuts about peanut butter (ha!), we each had a peanut butter frosted chocolate cupcake and a peanut butter cookie. And Oh. My. Goddess. They were good. The cupcakes were firm and rich but really moist, and the frosting, of which there was tons, was a zippy peanuttier taste than I have had in frostings before. The cookies were big and soft and also moist and really, really, really good. Really. Seriously. Yum.

When I got home from work on Tuesday I noticed that there was a strange hole in the ground on the side of our driveway. I walked over to it and prodded it with my shoe – and the ground beneath my foot gave way and I toppled into a friggin groundhog tunnel and lost my man-clog and impaled my hand on our wire fence. As I rushed inside to stop the bleeding (from the impalation) Grady jumped up to say “hi!” to me and caught one of his front teeth on my wedding ring and he couldn’t get it loose, so he hung off of the ring, legs kicking in the air and whining. So there I was, gushing blood, holding my man-bag in one arm, my jacket in another, Grady hanging painfully off of my left hand, my right hand gushing blood, my left foot in a shoe, and my right foot sans shoe which was still in the hole in the ground. I was not pleased. All this to say – anyone know a good way to get rid of a few groundhogs? I’m tired of them running around in our backyard and making Grady crazy. I’m done with “have a heart traps” that don’t work. I want them gone.

So , I guess that’s really the kind of animal lover I am. The homicidal kind.

 Animal refuge League

Two Fat Cats Bakery

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3 Responses to It’s a double standard. I’m aware.

  1. M says:

    Add Caddy Shack to your Netflix Queue….that’ll give you ideas to solve your groundhot issue.

  2. mainemom32 says:

    Does the mothball theory work with groundhogs? My grandmother told me to put them all along our fence to keep critters out(we have a nasty feral cat problem in our neighborhood). I haven’t done it yet though because of the kids.

    If feel your pain though…our entire front lawn was dug up this Spring. I wasn’t happy about it.

  3. Dora2816 says:

    We have woodchuck issues in Parsonsfield & the only thing that I think is going to work is a gun to shoot it. We have tried the hav a heart traps also & the animals are smarter than all of us, My partner is seriously thinking about getting a beebe gun to shoot the varmint – Good Luck

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