They always keep growing!

Always with the drama.

Last night the Hub came home from work with a bag of goodies from the pet store – food and treats for Grady. He also bought styptic for our little bleeder’s toenails. See here.

I asked him if he looked at the nail clipper dremel thingy from TV – the peticure? You know what I’m talking about, right? Yeah – I priced them out and they are tres expensive. I already have a dremel, so I wont be spending the moola for that “attachment”.

The Hub and I argued about the relative safety of using a dremel on Grady’s toes for a couple minutes and then I grabbed it and he grabbed Grady and this is how it sounded:

C: Ok, Hold him.

H: I am, but hurry. He’s like a greased up pig.

C: Ok – here goes. <turns dremel on, Grady couldn’t care less. Dremel, dremel, grind, dremel>

C: It’s not really taking off too much – it’s just rounding off the ends.

H: Well, grab the clippers then.

Grady: Uuuugggghhhh. <Flippity flip flop. Don’t hold me. I hate you.>

C: Ok, hold him still.

H: I am. Just do it.

C: <clip>

Grady: Ouch! Ouch! You are pulling my leg off! Oh, God, I’m going to die, I just know it! Why do you hurt me so! Stop it! <Struggle, struggle, struggle, claw, claw, struggle>

C: Only 19 more to go…

Grady: I will kill you while you sleep. <Struggle, struggle, contort, sigh, cry, whine, struggle>

C & H: Ok Grady it’s ok don’t worry we love you want a treat how about a treat yes treat treat treat you are a good boy stop it you’re scratching me good boy treat treat.


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One Response to They always keep growing!

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    We just took Sadie to Planet Dog on Saturday and paid $10 for a young girl to sprawl out on the floor to clip Sadie’s nails. Because Princess doesn’t like to be put up on the table….she gets special treatment. Although maybe her nails don’t grown as quickly as Mr. Grady’s? We have her done about every 6 weeks or so.

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