Chris2fer’s Morning Mix

Big Beats and Happy Feets

I have compiled a morning music mix to wake and shake you, to make you chair dance and office sing. Turn up the sound and share it with your co-workers!

Chris2fer’s Morning Mix

1. I always thought that this song would make a great remix with # 11

2. Get over the overuse in a commercial. “Huggin’ and Squeezin’ and kissin’ and pleasin’ together forever through rain or whatever”. Awesome.

3. Ah. See what they did here? They partnered the best voice in the history of music with some fat beats.

4. It seems like a sad song, and the words are sad, but it makes you feel happy. I don’t get it. When her voice goes up, you’ll have to stop yourself from singing. But don’t.

5. I first saw this movie on USA channel (#15 then) when I was about 14. The fact that I loved it should have negated me having to come out to my parents.

6. The best part of this is at 4:38.

7. This song reminds me of my mother. But not because she was a barmaid who loved an absent sailor or anything.

8. You know you have most of these songs on your ipod. It’s O.K. It’ll be our little secret.

9. Another song about sailors. Hmm. It must mean something.

10. Listen carefully. Do you know what the tune to this song is? HINT: It is a disco hit that Robbie wrote new words over.

11. If this doesn’t make you happy then you are dead. Turn it up!

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2 Responses to Chris2fer’s Morning Mix

  1. Rick says:

    To quote ABBA: “Thank you for the music”.

  2. chris2fer says:

    My pleasure!

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