The Most Beautiful Sunday Morning

You can almost hear things growing…

Zee Zee had an Open House yesterday, for her million friends. You know how some people have a few good friends (me) and some people seem to be friends with everyone that they meet on the street? Yeah – That’s Zee Zee. She’s friendly². So, she had an Open House, on perhaps the finest morning of the Spring. I couldn’t help but take pictures of her backyard.

It was one of those mornings where you want to hug the world, you know?

I wish I could find this color in paint – I would paint it in my living room.

Hey Buds below – up is where to grow!

(Name that musical. Betcha can’t, without using Google.)

Ouch. My heart, it bleeds.

Close up of Zee’s backyard iron table and chair. How bohemian.

I also love the fact that it is a little chilly at night still. It makes for good “snuggle under the blanket” weather.





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One Response to The Most Beautiful Sunday Morning

  1. Darling Nikki says:

    You can bring the pic of those flowers to Home Depot and they scan it through a computer to make a color match for you. It has a money back guarantee too.

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