Meteorologically speaking…

…why does God hate Orlando?

When I was much younger I went with my family to Walt Disney world in Orlando, Florida. I loved it. Yeah, yeah – big surprise. I know. I have many wonderful memories of that trip, but one that I will always treasure is when the whole family was on Spaceship Earth – you know that giant golf ball at EPCOT? There is a ride inside that takes you through civilization and technology. Well, you ride in a little car to the top of the ball, and then you come down, backwards, in a spiral through the center.

When we were just turned backwards and hanging with our feet in the air starting to descend the ride shut itself off. All the lights went out and the only sound was the locking mechanisms engaging in each of the ride cars. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG. Then the ride was completely silent and you could hear the wind blowing, and feel the movement of the ball, back and forth. Swaying. I pictured myself inside this giant ball, rolling across Florida, squished to death by a Disney ride. After about a half hour the ride turned itself back on and we finished out backwards exit, only to realize that we were in the middle of a hurricane. It turned out to be a very wet day.

Two Septembers ago (nearly three years) the Hubby went to Florida for a business trip. I followed him, in order to hang with the Mouse (and the Hub) and because I loves me some theme parks.

Hub had meetings in Ft. Lauderdale for a couple days, so I hung out at the Sawgrass Mall and at the hotel by myself and Geeze, boring. Then, we drove from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando, a not insignificant trip of 3 hours 20 minutes.

We traveled to Orlando on Friday September 7th in a rental car. It just happened to coincide with hurricane Ophelia brushing up against Florida. Yippee! Although it wasn’t as bad as the other hurricane from a month before (Katrina), we did get severe winds and incredible amounts of rain. The Hub drove, and I nervously chewed the inside of my lip. I practically chewed a hole through the bottom one. Yeah, gross. Whatever. You weren’t there. I thought we were gonna die. DIE!

Well, we didn’t. We made it to the Wilderness Lodge and Disney and the parks and blahbitty blah – I’ll tell you all about the rest of that trip at another time.

All this to say – guess where I’m going tomorrow on a business trip? Are there any storms predicted?

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2 Responses to Meteorologically speaking…

  1. AJRing says:

    Disney rocks! going back in ’09…makes like 10 times for me. Have fun!!

  2. Sadie's Mama says:

    It will not rain on your parade dear!!!! Sunny skies!!!!!!!

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