My Florida “Work” Trip

Mmmm. Filled with Epcotty goodness…

On Tuesday last I went to bed at around 10 pm and got out of bed at 2 am the next morning. That is 4 hours of sleep, and is, by law, not enough to keep me happy. But, I had to catch a plane for SUNNY FLORIDA! So, I slept on the plane. Which, at six foot six inches (me, not the plane), is difficult. Not so much for me, but for the very nice lady that I fell asleep on. Sorry lady! Hope your plastic surgery works out!

My company sent me to the Florida Filing and Compliance Symposium. Wee! Compliance and Filing! Try to hold back your enthusiasm, dear readers. Yes, two days of meetings with the Florida Department of Insurance, about rules and regulations and laws. Here are the very exciting photos!


I can’t really see… blah. Who cares.

Of course, the real reason that I agreed to go was because the co-worker that I was heading down with wanted to go to Epcot. And I love Epcot. Really – it’s the adult park. You can drink beer (which I would not do, but which he did, in 32 oz mugs). You can walk through Americanized versions of most of the countries of the world and marvel at their Americanized customs. You can eat in a mock up of a turn of the century German town square at night with the Hitler Youth. Wait – what? Since we got down to the Symposium a day ahead of schedule, we were able to buy half day tickets to the park. Thanks, Company-That-I-Work-For!

The last time that I went to Epcot was on my honeymoon, and the Hubster and I skipped many of the “sciencey” stuff at the front of the park, opting for the many wonders of the various country displays. Well, due to the fact that this was a Wednesday, while school was in, there was hardly anyone there. Everything was open and all the ride lines were nil. It was perfect.

We went through Spaceship Earth (all redone, very cool) and Ellen (Degeneres’) Energy Adventure (38 minutes long! Dinosaurs!) and The Seas with Nemo and Friends (I can walk like a penguin) and Living with the Land (a Disney greenhouse, two thumbs up, neat for the geeks) and Soarin’ (DO IT) and Journey into Imagination (Stupid) and the Maelstrom in Norway (eh) and we ate in Germany at the Biergarten (a must) and we saw the fire works show (Illuminations, unbelievable) and that’s it. That took us from 3:30 till 9:30. Wanna see some pictures? Sure ya do!

Spaceship Earth. They finally got rid of that stupid Mickey arm and wand. Thank God!

This was actually a very cool ride. You sit in a giant people mover and go back in time to see the dinosaurs. Litteraly.

Chip. Or Dale. He wasn’t even running – just kinda walking in front of us.

Inside the Greenhouse. If you squint you can see the Mickey head pumpkin…

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. (Makes more sense if you have seen Finding Nemo).

A giant Sea turtle swam up to say hello…

Great Britain. It felt kinda like Hogwarts…

Biergarten. So so cool. I have eaten here every time that I have come to the Epcot Center.

Big wheel keep on turning…

Seriously Spectacular…

Bye Epcot! See you in another few years!

And that’s it for now. I’ll have part two tomorrow!

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One Response to My Florida “Work” Trip

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    Yay! You’re back! I was having blog withdrawal!!! And yes, Soarin’ was AWESOME…we rode it twice…and the first time actually waiting in line for two hours to ride it. Yes. Two hours. Totally worth it.

    Welcome back!!!

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