Show me that smile again…

They don’t make ’em like they used to…

Remember TV theme songs? I don’t mean the 10 second blip of noise that starts a show nowadays, but back in the day? You know, back in the day, when you had to walk uphill both ways through a snowstorm in July to get to school, and candy was a penny, and you didn’t have fancy schmancy shoes. No siree. Back in the day when you sat down to watch tv you got a carefully crafted soft rock song that told you all you needed to know about what you were going to experience for the next twenty two non-commercial minutes. I miss that. So? I have decided to have a however many part series on my favorite TV theme songs. Unsurprisingly, most of them are from the eighties. Feel free to sing along, I know you want to.

1. The Love Boat – Coincidently, this song was the ending of my junior year college lip sync program that me and my friends put on. It rocked. Someday, maybe I’ll show you that!

2. The Greatest American Hero – When I was a kid (and now) all I wanted to do was to fly like Superman. And William Katt got to do it! Silly William Katt.

3. The Facts of Life – Tootie, Blair, Jo, and Mrs. Garrett were great. But my favorite was Natalie. She lost her virginity first, you know. Holla, thick girls!

4. Growing Pains – I had such a crush on Kirk Cameron. So did my sister. Yeah – that’s a little weird. But now he’s a religious freak. Wee!

5. Family Ties – This is the perfect theme song. I defy you not to get a teensy bit nostalgic…

PS – Tonight I hang with my friends Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha. And the other one. Yay!

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3 Responses to Show me that smile again…

  1. Kelly says:

    My husband used the Family Ties and Growing Pains theme songs as background music in part of a video he made for our daughter’s first birthday party. It came out so nice. However, I had not heard the Greatest American Superhero theme in FOREVER! Thanks! That just about made me weep for my childhood!

  2. Marci says:

    Thought you might enjoy these.

  3. Christine says:

    Number 5 brings back memories of a huge crush on Michael J. Fox. He was so adorable.

    I have a few other TV themes (from the 80s, of course) that are burned in my brain.
    -Miami Vice Theme
    -Theme from Cheers
    -Theme from the Dukes of Hazard
    -Theme from Grizzly Adams
    -Theme from Hill Street Blues

    And who could forget the theme from Dynasty?? That’s always good for the gi-normous shoulder pad flashback.

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