Baby, if you’ve ever wondered…

Been in trouble with the law since the day they was born…

Here is the continuing saga of one gay man’s quest to document his favorite theme songs of all time (the 80s). Please sit back, relax and enjoy…

5. Webster – I remember an episode of this show where Webster finds a secret room in his old house, and he sees a little girl who is sitting in a chair gazing out the window. He tries to talk to her, but she just ignores him. Finally, he gets fed up and whips her around, only to find out that she is a creepy doll! Apparently the folks who own the home had a daughter that died and they made this freaky shrine to her. It scared the crap outta me.

6. Bosom Buddies – Tom Hank and Peter Scolari in drag. A cheesy cover version of a great Billy Joel song. Wendie Jo Sperber. How can you lose? In this clip you get to see Peter with his shirt off, and it’s not as off-putting as one might imagine. Not off-putting at all.

7. Blossom – One word. Whoa. Also – This show did more for flower hats than any other. And, you know. That’s something.

8. The Dukes Of Hazard – Luke and Bo Duke. Hotness in tight pants, constantly runnin’ and slippin’ into the General Lee (dirty!). Constantly fighting Boss Hog, and hangin’ out with Cooter. It’s a gay man’s fantasy! …Well, except for the Cooter part.

9. Mr. Belvedere – A gay butler moves in with a suburban slob family and changes their lives for the better. Sounds like a case of the magical gay fairy syndrome. Wait – he was gay, right? I never can tell with a British accent.

10. WKRP in Cincinnati – Gary Sandy is hot. Loni Anderson is hot. Johnny Fever is, well, warm? Anyway. I loved Les Nessman, and his “office” with tape on the floor showing his walls. I guarantee that this song will be running through your head all day long. You’re welcome!

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4 Responses to Baby, if you’ve ever wondered…

  1. Sister says:

    Seriously – that Webster episode…FREAKY!!

  2. Kelly says:

    Again, thank you…THANK YOU.

  3. chris2fer says:

    Oh, You’re welcome. It’s what I do. I bring happiness and pleasure.

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