The Price is CRAZY.

Come On Down! You’re the next contestant on “Who Forgot Their Meds?”

Last night was a particularly crappy night of TV in our household, so as a last ditch effort to stay awake beyond 8pm (OMG, I’m ancient) I said “Oh, let’s just watch the Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular.” Hubby was all “Whatever.” Yay! I win.

When I was a kid I would stay home sick from school every now and then. You see, Moms was a nurse and would call me on it if it happened too much. I basically had to be bleeding out my eyes and vomiting up internal organs to get the ok to stay home. But, on the rare occasion when it happened I would always have Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup (Mmm, salty) and saltine crackers while watching The Price Is Right. My favorite segment was the game where you had to guess a price and a little man would climb the mountain. If you went over the price he would fall off at the end and scream. Demented and awesome.

Anyway, I remember the contestants being happy but normal. Not at all like what we saw last night. Apparently all of the contestants that we saw last night were escaped mental patients. Seriously. Or, maybe they were developmentally challenged. It was like watching a MadTV skit about game shows. Wanna see?

Ok, so first there’s this awesome clip of Dolores. Please note:

1. Adam, his shirt, and his enthusiasm

2. Dolores’ arm. Wha?

3. “Yeah” “…Yeah”

3. The incredibly large portion of crazy soup that she must have had right before coming on the show.

And here is Adam’s big moment…

Just prior to this he said “I want to see the girls in their bikinis again”, and Drew said “Sure ya do, Adam”. That’s right, Drew. Call him on it on National Primetime TV.

 Wanna watch the whole crazy mess? Ask and ye shall receive. Here ya go:

Linky link

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