Goodbye Gray Sky, Hello Blue…

So Whup On Your Feet, somewhere there’s music playin’…

This is part three of an “eh?” number series. You can find the previous listings here and here.

11. 3 2 1 Contact. This show was on PBS, and I used to watch it before we started to “steal” cable. See, my Nannie had a spare cable box, and we hooked it up, and there was cable service, so was it really stealing or was it a gift? I vote for gift. Thanks, Cable company! Anyway. I watched this show religiously, not only for the geeky science stuff, but because sometimes there were “Bloodhound Gang” segments, kids solving silly mysteries. I’m sure that that’s where the rappers got their name, BTW.

12. My Two Dads. I only watched this show because they lived in an awesome apartment and because Greg Evigan was hot. (What can I say, I was in seventh grade.) And Staci Keanan was super cute. And really, it was a not-at-all-subtle subtext of two gay dads raising a daughter. I mean, really. My Two Dads? Yeah – I read ya.

13. One Day At A Time. Bonnie Franklin had GREAT hair, and a wicked attitude. Valerie Bertinelli was cute and pre-Jennie Graig. Mackenzie Phillips was cracked out of her mind on most of the episodes. That’s what I’m talking about. Plus, I always wanted a little alcove at the back of the apartment like they had. I wanted to decorate it. Yeah – Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

14. Happy Days. My favorite episode was a Halloween one, where the gang had a party at an old house, and some kids pretended to be a ghost and scare everyone else, and then some shenanigans happened, I forget specifically, and then Fonzie says Aayyyy.

15. Laverne and Shirley. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Shlameel, Shlamazel, Hasenpfeffer Incorporated. Classic. Plus, there’s Boo Boo Kitty. ’nuff said.

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