Ethan Strimling

Rock the vote!

Q: Gas prices are high. Heating oil prices are high. Food prices are high. But what can you do? What can an average person like me and you do to make our voice heard?

A: We can vote.

I know it is going to be a close race for the Democratic primary for the First Congressional district. I read And I know I don’t usually talk about serious things, but this is important.

This is the man I will be voting for. I agree with his ideals, and I like his policies.

Say what you will about Ethan Strimling, but you have to admit that he delivers the goods. And he gives good speech…

Go vote in the primary. It’s worth it.

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One Response to Ethan Strimling

  1. Brenda M says:

    Too bad we’re in the 2nd District up here. Oh well. Actually we’re friends with Adam Cote(he and TJ were at Colby together) but that’s another story.

    Hope all is well…I’ll get back to you soon on a date, k?

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