It’s the MacGyver Theme!

Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum baaah, baddum bah. Bum bum bah da da da dum bum bum, bah bum baaah…

This is part five of a five part series. You can find the previous listings here, herehere, and here. Yes, I am done with this now. Shuckers! (or Yay, based on how you felt about this little journey through TV land). Today I highlight the 5 best non-singing TV themes from my childhood, according to me.

21. Benson – I loved Robert Guillaume. He had a sardonic wit that made me smile. And, I loved Inga Swenson. She reminded me of my best friend’s mom, Barbara. Barbara had the same hair as Inga. She looked a lot like her actually. For all I know it could have been Barbara. Hey! I know a celebrity!

22. Scarecrow and Mrs. King – My mom and I would watch this together. I loved watching TV with Mom. Also, this was Kate Jackson’s big comeback after Charlie’s Angels. And let’s not forget that Bruce Boxleitner was a 80’s hottie. Like, furshure. Totally. Rad.

23. Knight Rider – I wanted to be Michael Knight. When I got my first car (a 1984 rabbit that overheated if you ran it for more than 8 minutes) I would talk to it like it was Kitt. “Hello, KITT” “Hello, Michael”. Yes, there’s a reason I didn’t have many dates in high school. And it’s not the gay one. I’ll give you a hint: Dork!

 24. MacGyver – This show taught me that I could do anything with a battery, some gum, and a small piece of wire that I ripped out of a walkman. One time I took three wire hangers, cut the hook parts off, and tied them together with twine to make a grappling hook. I flung that hook at everything: the garage, small trees, my sister. It’s probably still stuck in the top of the apple tree all these years later. PS – I learned to play this theme song on the piano. Mr. Cool was I.

25. The Cosby Show – Need I say more? The Cos, Phylicia Rashad, the kids, Rudy. A lawyer mom, and doctor dad, and eighties fashion. Plus, bad-girl Lisa Bonet. I mean, how bad do you have to be to have Bill Cosby hate you?

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