I Love Naps

I can justify them because I get out of bed at 4:45am five days a week.

This birthday weekend was a blast! It was a foodie and nappy weekend. Perfect, actually.

I had a nap on Friday afternoon (Nap 1), then Zee Zee, Sabrina, The Hubby and I went to Conundrum in Freeport (review to follow soon). We saw some butt-hole that had broken Sabrina’s heart, and I had just enough Gin and Tonic in me to want to march over and tell his new wife that unless it was happening already, she would soon be cheated upon, but Sabrina told me to be bigger than him and let it go. I kept waiting for him to glance over so I could flip him the bird, but he didn’t. It was revengus-interruptus.

On Saturday Hub and I were out of the house at 7:45am, and we ran errands all morning. It feels sorta good to get up and out, don’t you think? To just get all of your chores done with and to have the bulk of the day stretching before you, filled with promise? No? You’d rather stay in bed? Then you’re just lazy, aren’t you. Slacker. Achem. Then, Saturday afternoon I took a nap (Nap 2). On Saturday night Matt, Jess, Sister Kristin, Sabrina, the Hubby and I went to “The Point” restaurant, at Black Point Inn (review to follow soon), then back to my place for desserts and gift giving. Thanks, guys! Now I can get that new camera that I’ve been eyeing.

On Sunday the Hub and Sabrina rode 50 kilometers in a ride to raise money to help cure Diabetes. That’s pretty huge, and I’m bursting with pride for the Hub. And Sabs, too. Then we went to my parent’s house for a special birthday lunch with Nannie, Hubby, Sabrina, Sister Kristin, Mom and Dad (review to follow soon. I’m kidding. My Mom cooked, so it was perfect). Then, home for a nap (Nap 3). Last night I worked on updating my Itunes library and keeping up with friends in Facebook.

It was a beautiful, perfect weekend. Thanks to everyone for making it so special!

…from the deck of The Black Point Inn on Saturday night.

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