Random Thoughts 10

Of stars and ghosts and …Wait – that’s not right, with the tub and Spock. Well, it’s kinda alright. Ok, it rocks.

1. I miss those glow in the dark planets and stars that you could stick to your ceiling in your bedroom. When I was younger and living at my parent’s house I had zillions of stars stuck to my ceiling. I mean, it looked like I had painted the ceiling with glow in the dark paint. There were so many that I would sometimes wake up with some stuck to my face, having fallen in the night. My parents didn’t know that I had them up there, either. In the daylight you couldn’t see them. And yes, I know they still sell them. At what age is it not ok to have them anymore?

Buy a box of ’em!

2. I frequently wake up in the middle of the night because someone has called out my name. Like, someone standing right next to me. Or hovering over me. Sometimes it’s my dad’s voice, and sometimes it’s just a nameless faceless voice – CHRIS2FER!. Then, I lay there waiting for it to happen again, listening to the Hub softly snore. I wonder if it is a ghost trying to contact me? Or maybe it’s someone who is thinking about me, and we connected somehow in some cosmic event in our dreams. What? You don’t know. It could happen.

3. When I was young enough to need one, I had a babysitter that I would go to after school. Her name was Addie. She lived around the corner from us. She had a gaggle of kids that she watched over besides myself and Sister Kristin. Well, one year we must have had a lot of snow days, ’cause she was still watching me when my birthday came around. I remember that she got me a cake with a little boy sitting on a log on top of it. Because it was my special day I got to eat the decoration on top, which was made completely out of frosting. I remember the grittiness of the sugar mixed into it. Silly babysitter, giving a kid a metric ton of sugar. Anyway, after she peeled me from the ceiling she gave me my present – a pop-out color-in poster of Star Trek. Wha? It was this thick poster that you could pop out the characters faces a little bit, to make them more 3D. And it was all in white, so you could color it in. I miss that poster.

4. I recently bought a pair of new dress shoes for a wedding that I attended. I love these shoes – black leather, stylish, square toe. They are perfect. Except for the overwhelming smell of gasoline. I just don’t get it. Why would leather shoes smell of gas? I had to hide my feet under the reception table the whole time. Hubby wants me to return them, but its hard for me to find shoes that I like. Anyone know why this happens, and how I can make them not smell?


Happy Friday, reader friends!

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts 10

  1. Brenda M says:

    Remember the Camden Harbour Inn? There was a ghost there…swear to God. I spent many a quiet winter evening sitting down at that front desk listening to foot steps and doors closing and NO ONE was staying there at the time! Just thought of that with your “name calling” story.

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

  2. chris2fer says:

    I love that! Hub and I are staying there next time we have a weekend excursion. Awesome!

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