Dancing and Cake and Booze. Oh my.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something slamming into me…

A couple of weeks ago my friend Coreyander asked me to be her chaperone to a wedding that happened on Saturday night . Of course, I thought “Wee! A wedding. How droll.” But because I love the Coreyander, I agreed with gusto. And thank goodness I did, ’cause it was the highlight of my weekend.

I wasn’t sure where the wedding was to be held, so I was very surprised when we pulled up to a large mansion in Portland. A famous one. That you can see from 295. Achem. I had been there a few times before, for a charity or a party, but never with such a small group, for such a long time.

We walked in a little after 6, and were handed flutes of champagne. We did a circuit of the rooms, stopping to say hello to this or that wealthy person, or this or that politician. Or both. Coreyander knows everyone, and everyone loves Coreyander. I was loved simply because she was on my arm. We were in the ballroom, eating oysters and giant shrimp, mingling with the beautiful people.

The wedding itself was a simple affair, officiated by former Governor Angus King. The groom sang a beautiful song while his soon-to-be-bride walked down the impressive stairs. Think the foyer from The Sound Of Music. There you go. There was a brief reading and a simple but elegant exchange of vows, and that was that. It was very pretty, actually. And I teared up. Of course.

That was the point that they opened the (open) bar for more than water and champagne, and the point that the party really started. I had a Gin and Tonic, my first of three. I chatted with more impressive people. We schmoozed. And then we were ushered into dinner.

The dining room. I want a ceiling like that.

Several tables seating 8 were strewn throughout the house, 2 or three per room. Coreyander and I were at the “Star Wars” table. There were miniature “Death Star” chocolates and everyone got a light saber to cut their food with. Just kidding. It was not decorated like Star Wars, but everyone had a sealed trivia question about Star Wars. One of Coreyander’s friends was a SW buff, so he happily answered them all. I could have given him a run for his money, but he was so happy that I let him win. Yes, I’m a giver. There was a dazzling display of peonies and silver utensils. Everyone had two kinds of bread with dill butter shaped into florets. Swanky.

Peonies, The Hub’s favorite flower…

The salad course was accompanied by a goat cheese and crabmeat timbale (a little cheese and crab cake, not fried) which was a great taste duet with the Nasturtiums. Yes, I ate flowers. And enjoyed them. The dinner itself was beef tenderloin (perfectly cooked) paired with lobster in a bearnaise sauce, in puff pasty. Oy, so good. And asparagus, my favorite veggie. And roasted pistachios. Dessert, of course, was cake. White cake with lemon curd and white frosting, with strawberries. It was excellent. It was probably the best wedding food I have ever had, and I’ve had some pretty good wedding food.

Flowers are surprisingly yummy.

During dinner I gave my life story to a woman who was sitting next to me. She was very inquisitive, to say the least. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for my social security number. I was just happy that she wasn’t sitting on my front steps when I got home, she knew so much about me. Coreyander is much better at not giving out info than I am, and handled the situation perfectly. I was all “blah blah my hopes and dreams blah my house blah my husband blah my dog blahbity blah”. After all of that, I don’t think I even got that lady’s last name. She coulda been a detective.

The beautiful cake. More peonies. Not edible, if you are wondering.

We then moved into the dancing time of the evening. There was a famous Portland based party band there. I wont say their name, but it rhymes with Shim Campy. Ah ha! Anyway, they rocked.

We danced for about an hour and a half, with deliriously drunk folks. It was so much fun. Except for the one little guy who had a crush on me, I think. He kept running up to me and body slamming me. And then he would yell “You’re so tall! You’re just so tall!”. Seriously, he coped a feel about 8 times. Ok, little man. I get it, I’m tall. And I’m married. And so are you. Stop it.

All in all, it was a terrific night. My thanks to Coreyander for inviting me, and to all of the great people that I met and hung out with. Thanks, everyone! Love you all!

Some pictures from the evening:

My head hit the bottom of this chandelier. Seriously.


 I kept waiting for Jacob Marley’s face to appear in this door-knocker. Apparently I didn’t drink enough for it to happen.

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2 Responses to Dancing and Cake and Booze. Oh my.

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    You ARE very tall!!!! But not in a Guiness Book of World Records way….in a handsome and dignified way.

  2. Coreyander says:

    Oh My! We sure did have a great time. LOVE those peonies and love you too! xoxoxox

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