And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood from Sea to Shining Sea.

Yeah. Brotherhood. That’s what I’m talking about.

On Thursday and Friday I house-sat for my parents who were traveling to NJ to visit some friends. Mac (their Schnauzer) can’t be kenneled because he is a little freak who is scared of everything, and worries himself sick if he is somewhere he doesn’t want to be. So, I packed up a bag and moved home. It was a little weird.

…made slightly less so by my friend Gin. Have you met Gin? He’s a pal.

My mother tries to make Mac appear more balanced with a jaunty scarf. Except it’s too big, and it looks like Superman’s cape.

This is where he sleeps. Weirdo.

…yet strangely cute, no?

Sabrina came over on Thursday night to run some errands with me (grocery) and grab a bite to eat. We planned the menu for her little 4th soiree the following night. Then, we watched Connie and Carla. Have you ever seen that movie? Nia Vardalos (Greek Wedding) and Toni Collette (Sixth Sense) play ladies on the run from the mob who hide out as drag queens in West Hollywood. It’s pretty great. Then, after Sabs left I popped in The Karen Carpenter Story. In case you didn’t know: She sings, dies. I love it.

On Friday I got up late, kicked around, took a nap, played with freaky Mac (who is actually a sweetie) and went over to Sabrina’s to help her set up for her party.  

Sabrina wounded herself while preparing the pasta salad. Mmm – what’s that yummy red sauce?

Sabs has these two white boards beside her door. She had never cleaned them, so I did. Then, I put a happy little quote on one. You know, as a conversation starter.

Sabrina’s rack. For the straight boys. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Tony.

I had seen the Barefoot Contessa make this once, so Sabrina and I tried our hand at it. You take lemon sorbet and get it kinda soft. Then, you put it in a bowl and cover it with Saran Wrap. Then, shove a smaller bowl into the plastic wrap and refreeze it all. Once it is hard you pull the little bowl and the plastic wrap off and pour in raspberry sorbet mixed with teensy chocolate chips. Then, refreeze. It turned out pretty good.

Sabrina does not have a proper cycle for her decorations. As she kept saying all night long: “What? It will snow again sometime.” Shocking.

After dinner we all walked down to Bug Light in South Portland and watched the Fireworks. It was a beautiful night for a walk, and I got the chance to try out my new camera’s “Fireworks” setting. I hummed patriotic songs all night long, to get us in the mood. Very few people seemed to be appreciative.

And finally…

Hey! Do you see that? There’s a doggy in that large window there! Don’t worry. I’ll protect you by half-barking and whining until it goes away.

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2 Responses to And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood from Sea to Shining Sea.

  1. Tony says:

    best blog ever! I love pics of….fireworks!

  2. vandamonium says:

    Mac is great. I have a “long haired, island, hippy schnauzer named D.O.G.” pronounced deeohgee. The thing is I think he’s dyslexic (sp?) because he thinks he’s geeohdee! All in all though, he’s the best owner I’ve ever had.

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