The Man From N.I.P.P.L.E.

Hey, we all got ’em.

On Saturday we had the first annual “Neighborhood Impromptu Party-People Like to Eat” day (NIPPLE). We had an impromptu breakfast with Matt and Jess (homemade blueberry pancakes) and we had lunch with Jess and Matt and Matt and Erin (sandwiches and ding dongs), and we had dinner at Chez Chris2fer, detailed below. Plus Matt and Erin’s bundle of almost two year old energy, Shmemma, was there to entertain. In case you are wondering, Shmemma is a clever pseudonym so you don’t guess her real name, Shlomo. Whoops!

For dinner I talked Hubby into grilling shishkabobs. I had never made ‘kabobs before, so it was going to be a culinary experiment that I carried out on my friends. They are my food guinea pigs. I feel like a mad scientist. Wa-ha-ha! Achem. I marinated chicken and button mushrooms in Italian dressing for about three hours (separate containers) and then speared them on water logged skewers interspersed with red and preen pepper pieces and red onion pieces and little cherry tomatoes, which Hubby then grilled (perfectly I may add). They turned out very tasty, actually. I also threw together a pasta salad (Newman’s Own Parmesan Garlic Dressing is the key). Erin made spicy corn on the cob and Jess made a Blueberry cake for dessert. It was a perfect Summer evening feast.

You must use real charcoal to grill. It just tastes better.

Always use cucumber in pasta salad. It is a fresh surprise.

After dinner Grady played with Shlomo a little bit. I was a teensy bit worried that he would not react well to an active almost-two-year-old, but he was very gentle and forgiving of her antics. Not that he had much to forgive, she’s practically a perfect child. He eventually decided that she was not to be eaten and settled in to just kiss her whenever she got too close. She loved it.

Just a nibble? No? OK then.

Succulent baby-feet.

Another thing that Shlomo loved was when Hubby sat down to play the piano for some after dinner entertainment. Yes, just like Little Women, we have parlour entertainment after dinner. Shmemma sat right down next to Hub and played along with him. She kept time with the songs that he was playing and swayed back and forth. We’re all pretty sure that she is a musical genius. A GENIUS I TELL YOU.

We were all very tired after our day of being together, so we pledged not to see each other for at least 24 hours and went to bed. Grady still had not recovered on Sunday night. He slept right through dinner.

And now, a little music to get through your day, inspired by today’s posting…


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2 Responses to The Man From N.I.P.P.L.E.

  1. Erin says:

    THANK YOU for a great afternoon and evening. We are looking forward to the next one. Hugs – Stay cool, E

  2. Brenda M says:

    Oooh! I have THE BEST bread salad recipe that you cook on the grill to share with you! It will make you a ROCK STAR of the entertaining world.

    We still have to get together…it will happen..I tell you, it WILL!! 🙂

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