On Independence

There’s a pill for that…

On Saturday morning the Hub and I got up around 8, made coffee, watched a little Matt and Meredith (actually Lester and Amy on the weekend), brushed our teeth, and went to the Bank. To integrate our finances. For reals.

I don’t know why getting one bank account for the two of us would make me feel so queasy. I mean, we both own the house. We split the bills down the middle now. It’s just that we want to have a better idea of where our millions and millions of dollars are going, specifically. Ack. It’s giving me diareaha. Diarehha? Diarea? the Poops.

So, after a painless visit to the bank to eradicate all of my independence forever, I went to the backyard to take my frustration out on the shrubs. Our neighbors (the Crunchies) have a sump pump that empties from their property directly onto ours (thanks for that), and it waters all these plant along the side of our yard. Their plants. And once a year they get “Audrey II” big, and after a couple times of having to rescue Grady from the evil overgrowth I get out the power trimmer and butcher me some foliage. It’s very therapeudic. When I am done I am covered in green sap and dew and chopped up leaves and it’s like I killed a thousand aliens. And then I stand in the middle of the yard and scream “Today we Celebrate OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY” and wave the trimmer around. Sure, it scares the neighbors a little, but what are they gonna do? I’m waving a TRIMMER around.

I’m such a badass.

 PS – Diarrhea. 🙂

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One Response to On Independence

  1. Brenda M says:

    That picture made me giggle a little…does that make me immature???

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