Be Delicious? Ok, done.

 Another stinkin’ post…

Taking into account the “gay factor” (as opposed to the Max Factor), is it too swishy for a man to smell like Apple Pie? As I wrote yesterday, it is one of my favorite smells. And I have been searching for an apple scented cologne. The closest I have come is “Be Delicious” for men, by DKNY. It’s …kinda apple-y? Eh.

Anyway, I found this yesterday when doing a search…

Buy it here

It got me thinking about the colognes that I have worn through my life. When I smell them now they take me right back to the age I was when I wore them.

1. The first ever cologne I wore was Drakkar Noir. Ah, the smell of Drakkar brings me immediately back to high school. I would slather this on and waft my way through the halls. Of course, everyone was wearing it. I imagine that 1989 was a big year for teenagers that reeked of hormones and Drakkar. And it paired well with popped collars.

2. Next I wore Eternity. Eternity was my freshman year of college. It reminds me of freedom and exploration and still being a geek but owning it, loving it. It is a very refreshing smell.

3. The next couple of years I wore Cool Water. It really did smell like fresh water, or springtime. It smelled like youth. I can’t wear it now ’cause I am an old, old man of 34. It’s too young for me. Whippersnapper.

4. My senior year a boy at college gave me Tommy. He was in a show with me, and I had commented once that I thought he smelled good. A couple of rehearsals later he gave me the cologne. Now that I look back, getting a gift of cologne from a hot science geek could have been a lot more “Boom Chicka wah wah” and less “Thanks! See you in church!”. So clueless.

5. Obsession reminds me of traveling for the college’s Summer Ministries Teams. I stole it from my best bud Joe. Remember that big round brown bottle? And it was a really heavy scent, too. Musta smelled good all summer long. Yikes.

6. After college I tried Acqua Di Gio for a bit, but I think that that was my “lost years” after college, of which I have no memories. Seriously. A couple years of my life after college are gone. Not because of drugs or alcohol or anything. I think, more because I wasn’t doing anything at all, but existing. Then I came out and WHAM! memories start again. it’s weird. (WHAM!)

7. Curve. I wore Curve for several years. It reminds me of the beginning of my relationship with the Hub. You know, when everything is new and exciting and you can’t wait to find our more about the other person? I love that time. Not that I would trade it for now, though. There’s something great about knowing someone very very well. Smoochie!

So, Do I settle on “Be Delicious” (now discontinued) or switch to something else? Anyone?

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6 Responses to Be Delicious? Ok, done.

  1. Tony says:

    no help here…I still wear and love Cool Water. Nautica isn’t bad…I tried Wings but didnt like it. How about the infamous green bottle BRUT!

  2. Sadie's Mama says:

    where is a store that carries these scents? I want to know what “Dirt”, “Earthworm” and “Lobster” smell like!!!

  3. Coreyander says:

    Oh My God! I cannot believe that you forgot your REAL FAVORITE cologne! It is actually Farenheit!!!!!! NOT Drakkar!

    I can’t believe you forgot it! It is the most gorgeous smelll ever and i always associate it with you and your hot self.

  4. Brenda M says:

    I have the same type of “scent-memories” from various points in my life.

    Ahhh, Freshman year….what odd, fond memories I have of that. Those were wacky times. Oh, so long ago.

    I remember the Drakkar too. And braces. And being very tan. 🙂

  5. Hubby says:

    My all time favorite is Grass by the Gap. It really does smell like a fresh cut lawn. It is discontinued but Chris2fer found it on eBay for my 40th birthday! Whatta guy!

  6. Sister says:

    I have to say – it may be a little weird if you start smelling like apples. I love the scent, but associate it more with a room freshener or candle.

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