Mamma Mia, did she just insult a small Spanish girl?

Kathy will probably never meet Meryl…

On Friday night The Hub and I had Jess & Matt over for dinner, made roasted  chicken and veggies, and watched Kathy Griffin. Did anyone else see last week’s episode? It was a little… how shall I say… off. Even for me.

Now, I love me some Kathy Griffin. Don’t get me wrong. She makes me laugh like no other. But in this episode she went down to Mexico, picked a school (very close to a resort so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced), and opened the “Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy”. Which means that she renovated (cleaned up) a library space that the kids were not really using. And then Steve Wozniak came in and gave them 4 Macs. So, basically, Kathy cleaned up a room. And put up a sign. But the part that really made me squirm was that she was kind of condescening to the children. She was making jokes at their expense. And she was talking to them in butchered Spanish. It was… uncomfortable. Make fun of celebrities all you want, they have it coming. But leave the poor children alone. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

On Saturday Sabrina and I met with a kitchen designer at Lowes to discuss her kitchen renovation. His name was Duane. He was incredibly nice and sweet and knowledgeable. And tiny. He was a small guy. And he had a ZZ Top beard. But here’s the thing: remember my “issue” with 70’s era Woody Allen (here)? Yeah – I had a little crush on Duane. Even though he could house a family of birds in his beard. Weird, no?

On Sunday I went to the movies with Hubby, Sister Kristin, and Mom. We braved the incredibly insane crowds to see Mamma Mia. Yes, I have yet to see the Dark Knight. The lines were crazy and I don’t wait very well and I didn’t want to be shived on the way into the movie. So, Mamma Mia. And it was great!

Meryl Streep is strangely beautiful as the Mom in the movie, who meets up with three old flames at the machinations of her sneaky daughter, all while planning her daughter’s wedding to a Greek boy. And one of the three old flames just might be the daughter’s father. And two of the old flames are Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. And Colin (SPOILER!) just might be gay. And Christine Baranski and Julie Walters are Meryl’s two best friends. And for some reason everyone talks like a bad novella and bursts into song every two seconds. Like this:

Meryl: I can’t chat with you now, you broke my heart long ago and my daughter is getting married!

Pierce: But I think perhaps we have things of which to speak and maybe we could discuss them and maybe it’s love of which I would like to chat…

Meryl: But I don’t want to talk. About things we’ve gone through. Though it’s killing me. Now it’s history… THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL!

Like that. And even though the singing is just ok (Pierce Brosnan is terrible. Terr. ib. ble.) and even though the acting is “eh” and the film is pedestrian, when you put it all together and add some bad dancing, it is awesome. It is a great time at the movies. I defy you to not sing or at least hum along to Dancing Queen. Yes, the movie is basically a bad 80’s video. But don’t bad 80’s videos make you feel good? Yes. Yes they do. Plus, Colin makes out with a man.

Happy Monday, true believers.

PS – ABBA-ish Mix tape

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One Response to Mamma Mia, did she just insult a small Spanish girl?

  1. Maria Wills says:


    Of COURSE you saw “Mamma Mia”!!!! As if you would miss a movie that highlights ABBA.

    When I saw it on stage (which was wonderful BTW) I thought of you – why is it that “Dancing Queen” always brings you to mind…..hhmmmm…ponderous…..

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