Random Thoughts 11

Squeaky voices that haunt my dreams.

1. This weekend the Hubby and Sabrina and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. The live action movie. Why, you ask? Because the commercials suckered us in, and we were expecting a rollicking good time with smart aleck-y little rodents and some guy yelling at them. But – Oh. My. God, what we actually saw was one of the worst things ever put on film. Jason Lee, who I normally adore, stunk up the screen like three day old hamburger wrap left in your trash can. In August. In the desert. He is truly a terrible actor. The chipmunks were not funny at all. Don’t even rent this. Poo. Poo poo.

2. If you need to rent a Chipmunk movie (yeah, sure – for the kids, I read ya) then get “The Chipmunk Adventure”. It has diamond thieves and balloon races around the world and exotic locales and awesome songs. Your “kids” will love it. You wont be able to get the songs out of your head for days. I mean your kids wont.

3. We also watched Fool’s Gold, with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Yowzer. Another stinker. About the only good thing to see on here is Matthew’s body. Of work. If’n you know what I mean. *

4. On Sunday night we happened to stumble across Richard Gere’s movie The Mothman Prophecies. Yeah – creepy movie. Don’t watch it alone at night and then turn off all the lights to go upstairs, ’cause you will have to bolt up the stairs due to the eyes watching you. THE EYES! Not that I did that, or anything.

4. Ready for the serious one? Ok – Here goes: Sometimes forgiveness helps you more than the person you are forgiving. Ponder that, mes copines.

Happy Tuesday! Smooches!


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