Fabulous 80’s Cartoon Movies.

Its not a definitive list. Don’t email me all upset because I didn’t include the Care Bear Movie, or something.

Talking about the Chipmunk Adventure got me to thinking about other 80’s cartoon movies, so I thought I’d post a couple clips of a few of my favorites. ‘Cause I know you’re dying for a good 80’s fix.

1. The Secret Of Nimh. I first read the book in gradeschool, and was happily surprised that although the movie didn’t really follow the book in all aspects, it certainly captured the heart of it. Plus, it added magic, which is all a movie needed for me to love it. Magic and cheesiness. The scene where Mrs Brisby (Frisby in the book) moves her house by the power of the stone is pretty fantastic, even to this day. This clip gets really, really good at about minute 3:00.

2. The Last Unicorn. This is one of the saddest children’s movies ever, beside Watership Down. Mia Farrow voices the Last Unicorn in her search for other unicorns. It chronicles her loss of identity and eventual reclamation. Heavy stuff for a kid. But, it is gorgeous and has songs by America. I actually own this DVD.

3. This is from The Chipmunk Adventure. Look how much fun it was! Singing, dancing, over the top choreography – you can’t tell me some ‘mo didn’t make this movie. It is so totally 80s. Sing along!

4. This is not a cartoon, but tell me that this isn’t just like the previous movie. Xanadu came first, so I guess that the Chipmunks totally ripped it off. ELO at it’s best.

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