Junk Drawer

 Junk. It’s a funny word, no? Junk. Junk. Say it with me. Junk.

A couple of days ago the Hub and I decided to move our refrigerator from one side of the kitchen to another. You see, the way that the super-smart smarties who used to live in our house set it up it left 21 inches to get into the kitchen from the side entry. Although it is true that I am a petite fleur, if I am carrying 13 bags of groceries it is a difficult little maneuver.

So, we unplugged the fridge from the electric and the water and shoved it across the room. And moved the kitchen armoire into the dining room. And moved the dining room shelving into the basement. And re-routed the water feed for the icemaker. And decided, while we were at it, to go through all the cabinets and get rid of what we don’t use. All at 8pm. Wee!

I had a sore throat yesterday and did not go into work. I slept in 3 hours extra and watched a special on Nostradamus and fell asleep on the couch for a little bit and then decided to tackle the kitchen drawers. Holy crap, what a bad idea. It took me a little over 5 hours to go through the cabinets. But the most fun? That had to be the “junk drawer”.

Does everyone have a junk drawer? I know we did when we were growing up. Although, I think that our Junk Drawer now probably has my parent’s beat. Yesterday I found: scissors, tape, rubber bands, random stamps that had no sticky left, nails, a flashlight headband thingy, a normal flashlight, a pen flashlight, matchbooks from restaurants that we have never been to, weird batteries that don’t fit anything, weird lightbulbs that don’t fit anything (they are friends now, they have been in that drawer for so long), screws that have fallen out of random appliances or pieces of furniture that may just be integral to their workings but who knows, electrical tape (for all electrician work that I do), and hundred of paint chips for colors that we would not allow in our house.

Where does this detritus come from? And why are we compelled to keep it? I mean, yes, at the very least it is confined to a single drawer. But I don’t think I have used anything besides scissors and the flashlight headband in the 5 years since we have lived at Casa de Chris2fer. I resolved then and there to throw it all out. And then the misgivings started…

What if I do need a weird battery size in the middle of the night when all of the Radio Shack’s are closed?

What if I go to use my kitchenaid Mixer and it doesn’t work because it is missing a screw?

What if I need three flashlights because the sun goes out?

What if?

So, I threw it all back into the drawer. Whatever. I’ll let the next owners deal with it.

Carpe Friday!

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2 Responses to Junk Drawer

  1. Tony says:

    now I cant wait to go home and see my junk drawer. it will be FAR more entertaining then being at sappi.

  2. Lara says:

    Petit fleur. hee hee!
    I have a junk drawer too, in more ways than one…

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