Boston, on Sunday

Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah.

On Sunday Coreyander came to Chez Chris2fer, picked me up, and took me to her house for lunch. This was around 1pm. And, this is all after her 26 mile spur-of-the-moment morning bike ride. Yeah. 26 miles. She was all “I’m a little winded”. Oh, yeah, me too. From that brisk walk to your car.

We hung at her house for about an hour, and had some homemade quiche with chicken-topped salad. She was raring to go, so we hopped in the car and set out.

Where? Didn’t I tell you already? No? Why, we were going to Boston for an afternoon / evening adventure to eat and walk around. And, oh yes. To see a certain singer. To be mentioned later.

So, the two hour trip to Boston felt like it took no time at all. I plugged my Ipod into her Ipod radio transmitter thingy and we sang our throats raw the whole time. Some of the songs were fun and quiet to sing, like anything you’d find on WHOM. And some of the songs took a black belt in singing to not lose your voice. You know who “yell sings” the most? Whitney Houston. (No, we didn’t see Whitney Houston). We were all DIDN’T WE ALMOST HAVE IT ALL? and WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO?

When we got downtown we pulled into a parking garage but I noticed that it closed up at 11:00pm, and what if the concert went beyond that? Coreyander didn’t think it would, ’cause it was starting at 8:00, but ok. We luckily found a parking space on Washington Street. Which turned out to be a very good thing.

We walked over to Faneuil Hall, found a bathroom, and walked around for a bit. They have a great Crate & Barrel there – two floors of kitchen things that I wouldn’t know how to use or what to do with them but I must have them, I tell you, I must.  Look at how shiny!

We debated walking back to the car for our umbrellas and finally decided to just do it, and thank goodness, cause it started to really pour. There is something so satisfying about walking along and watching the crowds get soaked while you are protected by a giant golf umbrella. Shadenfreude at it’s finest.

We walked over to the North End and perused the Italian restaurants. There were many choices, but we finally settled on Cantina Italiana. Mostly because I liked their sign. Well, when we got inside it was reminiscent of the movie Moonstruck. I expected to see Olympia Dukakis and Cher waltz in and start arguing about Nick Cage and then make up by drinking some chianti. Our waiter was a little Italian man who took the spare change off the end of the bill so that I wouldn’t have a hard time doing the math. Sweet! Anyway, I had the chicken parm, it was amazing, you should go. Mangia!

After we ate too much Italian food we needed to have a cannoli, so we stopped by Mike’s Pastry Shop, which was packed. However, the line went very quickly. We split a chocolate chip cannoli and a chocolate dipped almond flavored not-quite-a-cookie thing, I don’t remember the name, suffice to say it was excellent.

Of course, after our cannoli and cookie we needed a cuppa, so we sauntered over to Lulu’s Bake Shoppe. We just got two coffee drinks and sat at the counter and stared at the amazing cupcakes and desserts. I swear if I lived in this section of town I would weigh a thousand pounds. They would have to take out the wall of my house to get me out. Anyway, the waitress was feeling like maybe we hadn’t eaten in a while so she gave us two cookies for free. FREE.

After all the food it was a pleasure to walk for about 20 minutes to get to the TD Banknorth Garden. (I miss when it was just the Boston Garden. TD Banknorth Garden sounds too corporate. Ah well.) We found our seats, which I didn’t mention, oh yes, were on the floor, directly in front of the stage, 13 rows back. They were incredible seats. We got there around 7:15, all a-twitter for the 8:00 show.

Well, at 8:30 an announcer came on and said that the performer was just landing in Boston due to the rain, and he would be there shortly. You could hear all the moans and groans of people who were disappointed. Whatever. We hopped up and went to find a drink.

At 9:00pm the announcer came on and said that the performer was in the building. At 9:15 he said it would start in 5 minutes. We had been sitting there for two hours, already. And then, at 9:20, the show started.

Tomorrow: A religious experience. You know. You’ve got to have faith.

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4 Responses to Boston, on Sunday

  1. Sister says:

    I did almost the same thing on Saturday!! Except for the concert part. We walked around Faneuil Hall, and the North End. We went to Mike’s to get treats for later that night. Then we sat on the grass and waited for the boat to take us back to the south shore…It was a wonderful day in Bean Town! 🙂 It makes me really miss living there!

  2. Brenda M says:

    Oooh Mike’s. I miss that place!

    I so miss Boston sometimes.

  3. Joy says:

    This post just makes me long to visit Boston! I’m am so done with the south. With all of the talk of southern charm and hospitality, I expected different. Most of the people here that have shown us hopspitality are actually displaced northerners. And as far as southern charm…I just don’t see it. I miss New England!

  4. Lara says:

    LOVE Mike’s Pastry’s… You could just blog about that all night long for all I care…

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