It’s an X-Vehicle.

You know, like the X-men’s X-jet? Yeah. Hubby can be Wolverine. I’m gonna be the PHOENIX.

On Saturday the Hub and I were zippin’ around town, running errands and just generally having a nice day. At lunch he casually mentions that maybe we could go look at cars? Sure, says I. Why not?

The Hubby drives a Jeep. He had wanted a Jeep Wrangler for a long, long time, so when the opportunity came around for him to get one fairly cheap, he did. And he loved it. But, you know. It’s a jeep. It has plastic windows and bad heating and it is over ten years old. It is a fun summer car, but it sucks in the winter. So I understood his desire for a new car.

We went to a local dealership (I wont say who; our sales guy was a tool) and looked at several cars and SUVs. We drive less than 7,000 miles a year so mileage isn’t a huge issue for us, beyond caring for the planet and good stewardship and blahbitty-bloo. Since we are both tall guys, we also need a car that we can both be comfortable in. I don’t want to take family trips in a Versa,  I would never be able to uncrumple my body again.

We looked at the Murano, but it was a little rich for our blood. We looked at a Pathfinder, but it was surprisingly small inside. And we finally looked at a Xterra. It was leggy and had tons of head room. So, we test drove it. With the tool.

Tool sauntered over and chatted with us about the Xterra. He waxed poetic about how they needed to sell a certain number in order to get some recognition or something, and how he is willing to look at any deal. Lies and deceit. He gave us the keys to drive it for a bit. And then he hopped in the back.

I am not used to salespeople riding during the test drive. I’m sure that it is a rule, but I haven’t experienced it yet. I asked him why he was driving with us, and he said that he would have to get permission to let us go alone. Oh, alright. You can go with us. Sheesh.

He blabbered on and on about his life and his girlfriend and his poodle (or something equally emasculating) and Hub and I finally just drove back to the dealership so we wouldn’t have to listen to him anymore. Yes, we get it. Now shush.

We walked inside and basically told him our bottom line. I don’t dicker well (hee) so I actually just told him what we were willing to pay. He, of course, came back with a higher figure. We reiterated our number, and he hemmed and hawed until we got up to leave. I have no patience for BS. He then started the threats – this deal wont be here Monday. You can’t buy this car for less. We are the biggest dealership. Blech. We strutted out.

All this to say, he called on Tuesday and we have a new car. Yay! We win!

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4 Responses to It’s an X-Vehicle.

  1. Sadie's Mama says:

    Niiiiicceeeeeee! And what is your new Baby’s name?????

  2. Peg says:

    Love it!! Looks like a merrill shoe.

  3. Hubby says:

    He is beeyoutifull! Anyone want to buy a purple Jeep???

  4. Joy says:

    Nice!!! Hey, did I mention that Jim is now a car salesman (for Honda)…no kidding. The BS is part of the training. He’s getting quite good at it. Who would have thought, from preacher to car salesman. We’re finding that the worlds aren’t really all that far apart.

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