Sianos Pizzeria (And the Quality Shop)

Place: Sianos Pizzeria (And the Quality Shop)
Time: 7:30 pm, Saturday August 2, 2008
With: Hubby and Sabrina
Where: 476 (and 473) Stevens Ave, Portland, Maine

On Saturday I took in Batman: The Dark Knight for the second time, at a 4:10 matinee with Sabrina and Sister Kristin. (Perhaps someday I’ll chat about the movie. I’ll add it to my little notebook of topics.) SK needed to rush home to see to Cooper. Remember Cooper? He’s her chocolate Lab. (Perhaps someday I’ll post more pictures of Cooper. I’ll add it to my little notebook of picture ideas.) Sabrina and I decided to go to Chez Chri2fer and discuss dining options with the Hubby, who did not go see the movie for a second time. After the usual discussions (Chinese? Italian? Seafood? Fried? Broiled? Grocery Store?) We finally decided on pizza, and opted to try Siano’s Pizzeria, since it was relatively new and we hadn’t been there before. I called it in and Sabrina and I went to pick it up. (No more side thoughts in parentheses, I promise).

Sianos is next to Pat’s Meat Market, on Stevens Ave. It has plenty of parking in the lot beside it. There are two entrances, one for the restaurant part of the establishment, and one for the picking up of take out. We entered the appropriate door.

Inside it is a very warmly colored room, with a large brick oven and kitchen near our end, and tables and TVs at the other. It is painted in terracotta and red – which at first glance doesn’t really coordinate, but after a while puts you in the mindset to eat pizza. So, goal achieved! We sat at a couple chairs set up for our use, and waited for the pizzas. A very nice and smiley young lady waited on us at the counter. Sabrina coveted her haircut, so you know she was stylish. We perused their menu, which we could not find anywhere online. They don’t have a webpage, which in this internet age seems a little misguided, shall we say? So, for those of you here just because your search engine dropped you, here it is.

Click to big-erize…

The pizzas were ready in about 15 minutes, and we gathered them up, deposited them in Sabrina’s car and ran through the rain into the Quality Shop next door. We needed some sweets for after-pizza enjoyment, and unfortunately Sianos has no sweets to speak of. Which, if you ask me, is strange in a sit down restaurant. Maybe they have them on the restaurant side? We got a few fresh baked homemade goodies and headed back home to eat.

Long story (not so) short (I lied about the side thought parentheses. LIES!) the pizza’s were pretty good. The crust was nothing to write home about, but it did the job of delivering the toppings into our mouths. It was a thin crust pizza, which Hub loves.

The pepperoni was a little spicy, I thought. I don’t mind spicy, but Hubby thought it was too heart-burn inducing. We also got a sausage onion green pepper pizza, which was just as spicy. I guess the spice is in the sauce. The sauce is nicely garlicky, through. There was a good amount of toppings and the pizza’s were cooked perfectly.

After pizza we ate our sweets. Mmm. I got an Apple and Cream Bismarck. Mmm Mmm good. Sweet sugary apple filling with whipped cream in a fried donut like pastry. Yes, please. Sabrina got some chocolate cookies (Yum) and Hubby devoured his slice of pecan pie. The only miss was the peanut butter chocolate chip bar, because it was a little stale. I imagine it had been there all day, so I gave them a pass on it. Otherwise, good desserts were had.

I recommend Sianos Pizzeria if you like thin crust pizza that is on the spicy side. It was doing a brisk “sports-bar” kinda business when we were there, so it seems that it has found it’s niche. 3 out of 5 stars.

I also recommend the Quality Shop for desserts. It is certainly cheaper than something you’d get at Pat’s, and is a nice cool-down after some pizza. 3 out of 5 stars (only 3 cause it is really just a small convenience store (More parentheses!)).

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  1. Lara says:

    I LOVE pictures of food. Food is a beautiful thing. I wish I were a food photographer.

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