A Conversation

After 5 Years we’ve learned how to communicate. A little.

C: On Saturday I would like to fill in the hole in the backyard that the groundhog dug.

H: Why?

C: Because there is a large hole on the grass where you park, and you can see a pipe or something.

H: …

C: …and I park there in the winter, and don’t want my car to fall into a hole.

H: How would we fill it?

C: …with rocks and dirt, I guess.

H: I am not transporting dirt in the new Xterra.

C: I’m fairly sure that it comes in clean bags, and we won’t have to carry it by the fist full.

H: <glare>

C: <glare>

H: …Ok. I will support you in your project.

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One Response to A Conversation

  1. Brenda M says:

    I swear to God I’ve had this exact conversation with my own dear husband.

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